Jennifer Butler

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Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Butler is the late ex-wife of American actor, comedian and writer Bill Murray. She had four children with Bill

Jennifer herself was a costume designer by her profession.  She was from South Carolina, USA. 

She was an American citizen by her nationality. 

Relationship Status Of Bill Murray 

Bill was in a relationship with Margaret Kelly previously. They dated for some time and later got married. 

He met Kelly on the set of a movie where they worked together and fell in love. They have two children together. 

They stayed as a couple for a couple of years and later got divorced in 1996.

After that, he got into a relationship with Jennifer Butler. She was a costume designer. He married his second wife, Jennifer, in 1996

They have four sons together. They stayed as husband and wife for eight years and later got divorced. 

His ex-wife Jennifer took her last breathe in 2021. As of 2021, Bill is single. He is living his life happily and enjoying it.

Jennifer Butler ex-husband
Jennifer Butler ex-husband  Source: Instagram 

About Bill Murray 

Bill is an actor, comedian and writer born on 21 September 1950

He was the son of Lucille Collins and Edward Joseph Murray II and was raised with his eight siblings. 

He is well known for his role in comedy movies. Some of his movies are Meatballs, Caddyshack, and Stripes

He gave his whole life to acting. His acting performance made him win many awards too. Besides acting, he is also a writer

He also owns a restaurant with his brothers. He has achieved a lot of success in his life.

Jennifer Butler with her children
Jennifer Butler with her children   Source: Instagram 


Jennifer was born on 11 May 1966 in Texas. She died on 12 January 2021 at the age of 55 years.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Bill is $180 Million. His source of income is actor, comedian and writer

The average income of actors is $40,860 per year.

Did His Ex-husband Physically Harass Jennifer Butler?

Jennifer is the second wife of his ex-husband Bill Murray

According to Jennifer, Bill might be a funny and jolly guy in public, but he is a violent guy. 

In 2007, Jennifer revealed that his ex-husband physically harassed her. 

She was punched in her face by Bill, and it was not the first time this had happened. 

Ever since their marriage, Jennifer always had been physically abused. 

She talked about it openly, but she decided not to stay with him anymore and divorced.

Jennifer Butler with her ex-husband
Jennifer Butler with her ex-husband   Source: Pinterest

Bill Murray Faced An Accident

Bill is a well-known celebrity that has given so much fabulous work in the acting and comedy industry. 

He is one of the gems that the industry has produced. But in 2019, this gem faced an accident that left him injured. 

He was inside the passenger seat in the Mercedes E class. The car suddenly crashed into Greyfriars garden. 

Not only his car but the car around him also got into the accident, which included a  Jeep Wrangler, Ford Transit and a Citreon C4

No one was majorly injured, and Bill was also okay. But after the accident, Bill appeared playing golf with a bandage in one hand. 

It seems he was injured in the accident. Even though he didn't have any major injury, he hurt his hand in the accident.

Bill Murray Injured Himself During A Stunt

Bill is a very lively person. He is jolly, and even at this age, he loves to perform tasks and physical activity. 

In 2010, he was at the show named 'Late Show with David Letterman.' He was enjoying the show, and everything was going well. 

He dived in the plastic-lined trash Dumpster. Water was filled in the Dumpster. There were garbage too. 

He dived at first and got a cut in his head due to some garbage. But it didn't seem to stop him. It was a small cut. 

He continued it and, at last, ended up hurting his head. 

He was not majorly injured, but this injury made him miss the screening of his movie. 

He was supposed to attend the screening ceremony, but he ended up resting in his bed.

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