Jennifer Eddy – Tragedy Of Late Duane Eddy Daughter

by Pragya Sat May 04 2024 Updated On Sat May 04 2024
Jennifer Eddy – Tragedy Of Late Duane Eddy Daughter

Jennifer Eddy is the daughter of late American rock and roll guitarist Duane Eddy. Her mother’s name is Jessi Colter, one of the well-known country singers. 

Jennifer herself is a musician, just like her parents. She is now a mom to her son Struggle Jennings, a rapper, and is also a grandmom. 

She is an American citizen. She lost her father to cancer complications on April 30, 2024

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Jennifer Eddy performing her mother Jessi Colter's song Im not Lisa
Jennifer Eddy performing her mother Jessi Colter's song Im Not Lisa. Source: Facebook

Jennifer’s parents marriage 

Jennifer’s dad, Duane, met her mom, Jessi, for the first time in Phoenix. They started dating shortly after knowing each other. 

As both Duane and Jessi were from music grounds, Duane produced Jessi's first record, and they went on tours together.

They exchanged wedding vows in the year 1961.

Jennifer was the only daughter of Duane and Jessi. Sadly their relationship didn’t last long as in 1968 they parted their ways and ended their marriage. 

Both of her parents moved on with different partners and started a new life together. 

Her father married Deed Abbate in 1979 and was with her until his last breath. 

Jennifer was happy about her mom’s second marriage. 

Jennifer‘s mother, Jessi, tied the knot with Waylon Jennings after she divorced Duane

Her mom and Waylon were very happy together and had a very successful music career together. 

Jennifer was also pleased when her mom married her second husband as she got an amazing step dad. 

She was very close with Waylon and even used his surname, Jennings, in her name. 

Jennifer Eddy mother Jessi Colter and stepfather Waylon Jennings
Jennifer Eddy mother Jessi Colter and stepfather Waylon Jennings. Source: Facebook

Age and Net worth 

Jennifer’s age and net worth is unknown. 

However we do have the information of her late dad Duane. He was 86 years old and had the net worth of $5 Million. His source of income was guitarist. 

Jennifer is naturally talented? 

Jennifer came from a music background family. Both mom and dad were great musicians, and even her stepdad was a very popular musician. 

She grew up seeing her parents sing and write songs and was fortunate that she was influenced by them. 

Growing up, her house was always filled with top singers like Willie Nelson, but for her, they were just ordinary people. 

She started writing her own songs when she was only ten years old. 

She opened up in an interview that she didn’t have to try hard to write songs, and it naturally came to her. 

She wrote her first song at the age of ten and also sang her first two songs in the interview. 

She was very talented, and the songs she wrote were very deep for a ten-year-old to write. 

One album changed Jennifer’s life? 

Jennifer and her mom started living with Waylon Jennings, her stepdad after her parents divorced. 

Both her mom and stepdad were great country musicians, but despite that, she and her family lived a pretty normal life. 

They didn’t have a lot of money or a rich lifestyle, although things changed when her stepdad Waylon’s new album got released. 

She was only 11 or 12 years old when Waylon’s Outlaw album was released, and it sold millions of copies. 

It was the first country album to earn millions and after that Jennifer’s and her parent’s life changed drastically. 

As her parents were struggling, they were away, and she used to be alone babysitting most of the time. After the album hit, she was surrounded by people. 

They moved to bigger house and her step dad brought all the cars that he wanted to. 

Jennifer had a hard time making a career. 

Jennifer herself is very talented, but because of her parents, people expected a lot from her, and no matter what she did, it was never enough. 

She had to live under her parent's shadow, and because of that, making her own way in the industry was really difficult for her. 

Her kids also faced the same problem, and there was even a time when she quit the music industry. 

She had a hard time establishing herself, so she quit, but then she realized her worth. 

She now tells everyone to do their thing and not compare themselves with other people. 

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