Jennifer HuYoung - Who Is Partner Of JC Chasez?

by Pragya Sun Mar 03 2024 Updated On Tue Mar 05 2024
Jennifer HuYoung - Who Is Partner Of JC Chasez?

Jennifer HuYoung is the current partner of American singer, songwriter, and record producer JC Chasez

Jennifer is an executive assistant at Broad And Cassel LLP. She is an American citizen by nationality.

Jennifer HuYoung and her boyfriend, JC Chasez.
Jennifer HuYoung and her boyfriend, JC Chasez. Source: Instagram

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About Jennifer’s partner JC 

JC is a professional singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is well known for being the former member of the boy band NSYNC

He was born to his parents, Karen and Ray Chasez, in 1976. He grew up with his two siblings. He is an American citizen by nationality.

Married life 

Jennifer HuYoung and JC Chasez are not married yet, but they have been dating for more than five years. 

The couple started dating in 2018. JC shares lots of pictures with his girlfriend on his Instagram.

Prior to Jennifer, JC was in a relationship with Kathryn Smith. They dated for two years and were even rumored to be married. 

The rumor began after JC was seen wearing a wedding band. It was said that they married secretly in an intimate morning wedding in a secret location.

However, the rumor came to an end as none of them spoke anything about it, and in 2013, they parted ways. 

 Jennifer HuYoung and JC Chasez.
Jennifer HuYoung and JC Chasez. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth

Her partner is 47 years old. Since the net worth of Jennifer is not revealed yet, her boyfriend has a net worth of $16 million.

His source of income is singing and record producer. 

JC wanted to be there for his friend? 

JC and his former band members of NSYNC came together to perform at the VMAs Awards back in 2013

Their reunion was something that was planned at the last minute. 

When people asked JC about their reunion, he said that they were not getting together until they had the right reason, but when he got the call, he couldn’t say no. 

His friend Justin Timberlake was going to get awarded for his work with Music and MTV, and when Justin called JC, he couldn’t say no. 

Justin wanted to treat the NSYNC fans, and as he spent most of his career with his NSYNC teammate, he really wanted to show up with JC and other NSYNC teammates, so JC and every other member agreed. 

He wanted to be there for his friend on his big day, so he and his other team members gave a great performance.

JC doesn’t like embarrassing himself? 

JC gave an interview on Teen Scene where he talked about the three things that he considers when he is on the stage. 

JC has performed many times on the stage, and despite that, he gets quite worried when he is on stage. 

He doesn’t like embarrassing himself, so he likes to consider three things. The very first thing is not to make a fool out of yourself. 

Secondly, enjoying a good time with his friends and having lots of fun, and the last thing is to give his best so that the audience and fans would love his and his team’s performance. 

JC can’t live without Rock ‘n roll? 

In one of the interviews, JC was asked a few questions in which he had to choose one thing among three. 

So he was asked what he would choose between sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, and he had a hard time giving his answer. 

He said he is an artist and can do all three of them if he wants. 

But after thinking for a while, he made a hard choice and chose two things, and that’s Rock ‘n roll and sex. 

He said that he can’t live without rock ‘n' roll as it’s been an important part of his life and also said that rock’n roll gives the adrenal rush to have sex. 

So he chose both things because he couldn’t choose between sex and rock ‘n roll as they both were necessary for him.

JC judged a dance show? 

Back in 2008, JC became one of the judges of America’s Best Dance Crew

He talked about his dancing journey and opened up that dancing was the first thing he did in front of the public. 

Dancing, singing, and performing are what he has always been passionate about, and when Randy Jackson reached out to him to become a judge and when he heard the concept of Randy for the dance show, he couldn’t say no. 

Randy told him that the dance show would be different from other dance shows as the whole concept of America’s Best Crew Dance was to bring out the great level of talented people who have a passion for dance, and when he heard it, he immediately agreed to be the judge of the show.

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