Who Is Jennifer Jerene Gill? Daughter Of Vince Gill

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Who Is Jennifer Jerene Gill? Daughter Of Vince Gill

Jennifer Jerene Gill is the daughter of singer-songwriter and musician Vince Gill. She was born in 1982 in America

She is a singer, songwriter, and filmmaker by profession. She is married to Josh Van Valkenburg

They tied the knot in 2010. Her husband is an executive vice president at Sony Music Publishing Nashville

They have two kids together. Her mother is Janis Oliver, and her parents got divorced in 1998

Jennifer Jerene Gill with her husband.
Jennifer Jerene Gill with her husband. Source: Instagram

Who Is Vince's Current Wife?

Her father, Vince, married her mother, Janis Over, from 1980 to 1998

He met his now-wife, Amy Grant, in 1993, but at that time, they were married to their previous partner. 

They became friends and started working on several projects. 

Vince separated from his first wife in 1998, and a year later, he started seeing Amy

They got married in 2000. They have three children from their marriage.

Jennifer Jerene with her parents.
Jennifer Jerene with her parents. Source: Instagram


Jennifer Jerene was born on 5 May 1982, and her current age is 41 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Jennifer's father's net worth is estimated to be $30 million

Children of Jennifer Jerene Gill.
Children of Jennifer Jerene Gill. Source: Instagram

Vince Shared His Experience Of Performing With The Eagles

Eagles called Vince to join them on their tour as Eagle's frontman Glen passed away in 2016

Vince joined the Eagles and finished the tour. He described his experience as surreal. 

He said he was grateful they thought of him and called him to perform with them. 

He said some Eagles fans were hesitant about him performing with the band. 

He said he was initially nervous, but everything turned out to be incredible later. 

He shared that when he started singing, he felt that the whole audience was holding their breath as they were not used to him singing with the Eagles, but after she sang some verses of the song, he saw them treating him. 

He said if he got that chance again, he would love to do it again. 

Vince And His Wife Has Been Entertaining The Audience For Decades

Vince and his wife, Amy Grant, have 27 Grammys with them. His wife is a Queen of Christian pop

They are a country power couple. The Christmas shows are sold out yearly in Nashville, and they have entertained their fans for decades. 

He said that his wife has the spirit and charm that shine over Christmas time, and she is the main character, and he likes to stand beside her with his guitar. 

He said it is a great feeling to perform with his wife. 

His wife shared that when Vince started to play his guitar, not just the audience, she fell for him again. 

The Christmas concert is unique to them as they met for the first time during the Christmas concert 29 years ago.

Vince Spent $1600 On His First Guitar.

Vince started playing guitar when he was ten after his parents gifted him a guitar on Christmas

He bought his first guitar when he was 18 years old

He shared that he spotted the 1942 herringbone guitar at some festival, priced at $2500

He asked the guy if he could see the guitar, and the guy asked him if he could afford that guitar, and he said no. 

The guy opened the case and showed him the guitar. 

He had one guitar at that time, so he asked the guy if he could exchange his guitar with him, and the guy refused to trade his guitar with him. 

At that time, Vince just moved to Kentucky to play in a bluegrass band

Vince gave the guy his guitar and $1600 and finally got the 1942 herringbone guitar. 

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