Jennifer Jewison- Tragedy Of Norman Jewison Daughter

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Jennifer Jewison is the daughter of the late Norman Jewison, who was an American film director and television producer. Her mom is the late Margaret Ann Dixon.

She has two siblings, Michael and Kevin. She is also an actress.

Beloved Father Died At The Age Of 97

Norman was a super-talented Canadian filmmaker who greatly impacted Hollywood for 50 years

He directed famous movies like In The Heart of the Night, Fiddler on the Roof, and Moonstruck

His ability to make different kinds of movies, his optimistic ideas, and his relaxed style made him famous and respected in the film world. 

People thought of him as the best choice for a great movie night. 

Jennifer Jewison's father, Norman Jewison.
Jennifer Jewison's father, Norman Jewison. Source: Pinterest

In the 60s, Norman did well with funny movies starring Doris Day, exciting adventures with Steve McQueen, and a film called In the Heart of the Night

In the 70s, he made big movies like Fiddler on the Roof and musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar. 

In the 80s, he made movies about Wall Street greed called Other People’s Money and powerful dramas like The Hurricane

Norman made a lot of different kinds of movies, and he was good at it. 

He directed famous actors like Sidney Poitier, Topol, Cher, and Denzel Washington. 

His movies covered severe topics and funny romantic stories, showing how good he was at telling stories and making characters enjoyable. 

Norman died on January 20, 2024, due to natural causes.

Father Daughter Relationship 

Norman was married to his wife Margaret Ann Dixon, who was called Dixie

They had three kids together: Kevin, Michael, and Jennifer Ann. The couple was married for 51 years until Dixie passed away in 2004. After that, Norman married Lynne St. David in 2010

Parents Of Jennifer Jewison.
Parents Of Jennifer Jewison. Source: Pinterest

Norman was born in Toronto; he started acting at six and worked for the BBC in London after graduating from Victoria College

He returned to Canada and directed a program for the CBC. After that, he got offers from Hollywood. 

Jennifer became an actress, appearing in her father’s films Agnes of God and Best Friends.


Jennifer's father, Norman, died on January 20, 2024

He died at the age of 97.

Net Worth

As a Canadian actor, Jennifer's late father, Norman’s net worth is about $1.5 million.

Norman On Directing And Winning Academy Awards

Norman is the director of Moonstruck

He talked about the movie’s success and six Academy Award nominations

He gave credit to all the artists, not just himself. 

He also shared his views on how Academy Award nominations are essential in the film industry. 

Still, he noted the unpredictability of success, mentioning some great celebrities like John Huston, Orson Welles, and Cary Grant, who were not consistently recognized.  

Norman shared how he felt when the Academy didn’t nominate his role model, John Huston, for Best Director.

Norman praised John’s impact on him as a filmmaker, saying how John’s storytelling was unique and how he created movies with different looks and feelings. 

He admires how John could control the characters' behavior and build a world for the story. 

Even though Moonstruck didn’t get a Best Picture nomination, Norman believed the film deserved recognition as a great way to celebrate John’s brilliant career as a director

Norman thinks movies are best enjoyed in cinemas rather than at home. 

He loved the whole experience of going to the movies and feeling connected with others. 

He also shared his experience producing the Academy Awards show, describing it as a massive live event with lots of pressure. 

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