Who Is Jennifer Livingston? Sister Of Ron Livingston

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Who Is Jennifer Livingston? Sister Of Ron Livingston

Jennifer Livingston is the sister of Ron Livingston, an American actor. Her parents are Kurt and Linda. She has two siblings, Ron and Nick.

She is a former news anchor.

Jennifer Livingston and her daughter.
Jennifer Livingston and her daughter. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Jennifer is a married woman. Her husband's name is Mike Thompson. She has two children with her husband.

She has a daughter named Katelin Rae and a son named Jack, born in 2016.

Jennifer Livingston and her husband.
Jennifer Livingston and her husband. Source: Instagram


Jennifer's brother Ron was born on June 5, 1967, and his current age is 56.

Net Worth

As an American actor, Jennifer's brother Ron's net worth is about $215 million

Ron's Character Inspired People To Quit Their Jobs

Ron is the actor known for playing Peter Gibbons in Office Space. 

He talked about how his character in the film influenced people to quit their jobs. 

He also shared a surprising encounter with basketball star Kobe Bryant, who recognized him from another role in Sex and the City. 

Ron Livingston and his wife.
Ron Livingston and his wife. Source: Pinterest

Ron discussed his role in the TV show A Million Little Things, where his character deals with suicide but is still present in the show through flashbacks. 

He mentioned his enjoyment of working on various projects, including Loudermilk, a show about a grumpy recovery counselor, and The Romanoffs, where he appeared. Still, he was kept in the dark about the plot. 

Ron talked about how he got into acting. After college, he moved to Chicago, and the Steppenwolf Theatre scene inspired him. 

There he met Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn. The three friends decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. 

In LA, they made the film Swingers, which became a big hit and a cult classic. 

Ron shared how seeing their Chicago friends succeed in Hollywood motivated them to make a move even though they didn’t expect their film to be as successful as it was. 

Ron Reflects On His Early Career Journey

Ron looked back on his acting journey. He shared tales from his first audition in Los Angeles and juggling roles in the shows A Million Little Things and Loudermilk.

He mentioned a strange audition for The Real World pilot where he had to talk with a group without clear instructions, offering a lesson in the unique LA audition process. 

His early success with Swingers brought attention, and he valued having his family on set in Vancouver despite the problematic challenges compared to his wife’s acting career.

Ron discussed his early days in Hollywood hanging out at clubs and even mentioned a car theft problem. 

Ron revealed they didn’t get paid much for the low-budget film. Vince has written a sequel script, but they got busy with other projects.

Jennifer Received A Mean Letter About Her Weight 

Ron got involved in a news story because his sister Jennifer, a local news anchor in La Crosse, Wisconsin, received a mean letter about her weight from a viewer named Kenneth Krause.

Jennifer talked about it on the news. She stood up for herself and spoke about how hurtful such comments can be. 

Ron supported his sister with a statement praising her hard work and commitment to her job and community. 

Jennifer’s story became famous because her response on the news got a lot of attention nationwide. 

The letter she received was mean. When she discussed the news, she clarified that the person who wrote the letter didn’t know her beyond how she looked.

She said on TV that she admitted to being overweight. You can call her fat or even overweight, according to a doctor's chart.

But to the person who wrote that mean letter, she clarified that she was aware of that fact, and his unkind words pointed out something she already knew. 

She added that he didn’t know her and was not her friend or part of her family. All he knows about her is what he sees on the outside.”

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