Who Is Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores? Wife Of Brian Flores

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Who Is Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores? Wife Of Brian Flores

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores is the wife of American football coach Brian Flores, a defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League. 

They have been married since 2009. They are the parents of their three children. 

She is a teacher by profession. She teaches Spanish to children. 

Family of Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores.
Family of Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores. Source: Pinterest

Why Did Brian Join The Minnesota Vikings?

Brian took the job of defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings on February 6, 2023. 

He said he had interviewed for a few places before coming to Minnesota

When he came to Minnesota, he knew it was where he wanted to be. He said he felt it was an excellent opportunity for him. 

He added he didn't care about the title or position. He wanted to work with a great organization and grow and learn from it. 

He shared that after giving the interview, he called his wife and told her that it was the best spot for him. 

His two sons are huge fans of the Vikings, and when he told them that they were going to Minnesota, they were all over the moon. 


Brian is 42 years old. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He weighs around 90 kg.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional coach

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores and her husband, Brian Flores.
Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores and her husband, Brian Flores. Source: Pinterest

Brian Talked About Kevin O'Connell

Kevin O'Connell is the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. It’s not the first time they have worked together, as they share a history. 

Brian joined the New England Patriots as a scouting assistant when he was 23. He got promoted over time and became the defensive coordinator. 

Kevin was drafted by the Patriots in 2008. He was on the team for a year only. 

Brian said he was an excellent team leader when he was a player. 

He added he was a young coach trying to do his best for the team, and his experience with Kevin in the club was great. 

He said Kevin was a very hardworking, challenging, and intelligent guy. 

What Does Brian Like To Do Apart From Coaching?

Brian said that he doesn’t have many hobbies like other people. He said he is interested in limited things only. 

He added that he works day and night at work or spends much quality time with his family. 

He said he had involved his two kids in baseball, football, and basketball. He said he loves watching movies with his family. 

He said he loves watching classic movies. His house has a basketball court, so he loves playing it. 

He shared that he is pretty good at shooting and has knockout games in-house. 

Football Means A Lot To Him

Brian said that his parents were immigrants. He said none of his family members had ever played football in their life. 

He said he happened to play football by chance. He said he fell in love with the game when he played it for the first time. 

He added that football has given and taught him many things in his life. 

He shared that football has taught him about sacrifices and allowed him to attend good high school and college. 

He said he learned how to build relationships. He said it helped him to make a family. 

He further added that the game had taught him to deal with difficult situations and become a more robust version of himself. 

He said that most of his life lessons came from playing football. 

He said he has immense respect and love for football. He said the sports should be honored in every way.

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