Who Is Jenny Bennett? Mother Of Caleb Martin

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Who Is Jenny Bennett? Mother Of Caleb Martin

Jenny Bennett is the mother of American professional basketball player Caleb Martin. She is a single mom, and her husband's name is unknown. 

She has three sons, among which two were twins.  She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Children of Caleb Martin.
Children of Caleb Martin. Source: Instagram

About Jenny's Son Caleb

Caleb is an American professional basketball player. He currently plays for the Miami Heat of the NBA

His mother raised him, and his dad's info is not disclosed yet. 

He was born in 1995 and has his birthday on 28 September

He grew up with his twin brother Cody Martin and his elder brother Rahim

Jenny Bennett's son Caleb Martin.
Jenny Bennett's son Caleb Martin. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Caleb

Caleb is not married yet, nor does he have a girlfriend. He is single and entirely focused on his career. 

Age And Net Worth

Her son Caleb is 27 years old. He has a net worth of $7 Million. His source of income comes from playing basketball.

His Brother influenced Caleb

Caleb and his twin brother Cody are both talented NBA players and are known by most people. 

But they also have an older brother that most people are unaware of. 

Caleb's older brother's name is Rahim, and according to Caleb, his older brother was the one who influenced him and his twin to play basketball. 

They always had a ball in their hand since the day they could hold it. 

He played basketball with Rahim, and Rahim used to defeat him and his twin every time badly. 

They got defeated so badly that they even planned on getting off from playing basketball and sticking with baseball. 

Rahim made a lot of sacrifices for Caleb and Cody, which Caleb is grateful for, and his older brother Rahim always tried to keep them out of the problem.

Is Caleb A Hardworker? 

Caleb has been very athletic since his childhood. He and his brothers played basketball, baseball, and football. 

However, Caleb and Cody chose basketball and started making a career in it. 

Caleb worked hard to reach where he is now because of his passion and hard work. 

He was the one who always used to get to practice at first and leave at the last. His coach described him as a winner because of his game skills and hard work. 

He also knows to take and lead his team defensively, which makes him the best player.

Caleb Has Great Bonding With His Twin

Caleb and Cody started playing together, and throughout their life journey, they have been there for each other. 

They played together in their college days, and while Caleb was planning to move to Oak Hill Academy, Cody didn't want to because he was not ready to leave his town and mom, but they did. 

At Oak Hill, Caleb and Cody played on the same team. Caleb used to be the scorer, and Cody was a defender. 

Their former coach from the academy also said that they were very hard to separate, and he used to call them Tom and Jerry because no matter what, they stick together. 

Wherever Caleb decided to go, Cody followed him. They are very the same as both like the same food and the same things to do.

Jenny Had Difficulty Raising Her Kids

Jenny is well known for being the mother of fantastic twin players Caleb and Cody

Her sons have made her proud, and it became possible just because of Jenny. Jenny got pregnant when she was just a teenager. 

She was in an interracial relationship. She had to leave her house after her pregnancy. 

She never disclosed the name of her ex-partner. However, he was not with her. 

She raised her children as a single mom, which was difficult for her. She worked three jobs so that she could give a better life to her children. 

There was even a time when someone burned the cross outside her house, which left her scared. 

She felt insecure about what people would do to her children when she was not home. 

Despite everything, she raised her kids and made them successful. 

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