Who Is Jenny Liu? Sister Of Lucy Liu

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Who Is Jenny Liu? Sister Of Lucy Liu

Jenny Liu is the sister of American actress Lucy Liu. She was born to her mom, Cecilia Liu, and dad Tom Liu.

She grew up with her two sibling’s one sister and a brother. She is an American citizen.

Jenny Liu's sister and mom.
Jenny Liu's sister and mom. Source: Instagram

About Jenny's Sister Lucy 

Lucy is an actress known for her appearance in the comedy-drama series Ally McBeal as Ling Woo.

She has worked in movies like Kill Bill Vol 1, Strange World, Chicago, and many more. 

She was born in the year 1968. She has her birthday on December 2. 

Married Life Of Lucy 

Lucy is currently unmarried and single. She is not dating anyone, but she does have a child. 

Lucy welcomed her first child Rockwell in 2015 via surrogacy. She is now raising her son as a single parent. 

She used a donor’s sperm for surrogacy and is living a happy life with her son. 

Jenny Liu's sister Lucy Liu.
Jenny Liu's sister Lucy Liu. Source: Instagram

Who Has Lucy Dated? 

Back in 2000, Lucy had an affair with George Clooney. Unfortunately, their romance was short-lived as they weren't serious about their relationship, so they broke up. 

She then dated Will McCormack in 2004. They were spotted at many events together when they were in a relationship. 

Their relationship lasted only for three years. She was even engaged with Zach Helm, but they didn't work out. 

She dated Noam Gottesman from 2010 to 2014.

Age And Net Worth 

Her sister Lucy is 54 years old. She has a net worth of $16 Million.

Lucy Felt Like A Goddess

Lucy became part of the Shazam movie, where she was one of the supernatural characters. 

With the interview on the red carpet with The Hollywood Reporters, she was a little distracted as many people she worked with were present. 

She said she was meeting them all after a long time, so meeting them was important. 

She also expressed that she was always a DC fan and that being part of one was her dream. 

Moreover, she grew up reading comic books and supernatural movies and wondered if she could be one. 

But little did she know, she played one of the supernatural characters in the movie wearing her costume and said that she felt like a goddess in that dress-up. 

Lucy's Son Wants To Marry Helen

Lucy revealed in the interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that her son, who is seven now, was always a great admirer and fan of her co-actress Helen Mirren.

She was once on her trial sitting with Helen. Somehow, Helen learned that Lucy's son was on the trailer too. 

Although it was not necessary for Helen to meet her son, she approached Lucy and said that she would meet her son. 

Helen spent about 15 to 20 minutes with Lucy's son. Then, after Helen went to work, Lucy approached her son. 

Her son told Lucy that he was going to marry Helen one day. He also said that if Helen were already married, he would happily be her butler for the rest of his life. 

Lucy was amazed to see the significant effect that Helen could create everywhere she went. 

Lucy Thinks Everything Is Business

Lucy gave an interview some time ago expressing that everything was a business. 

Before she was as successful as she is now, she used to do any job or anything possible for the money as it was one of the most critical aspects in anyone's life. 

Her father taught her that everything was a business. So to earn money, she used to cook omelets every morning at 3 for the commercial catering services. 

She used to earn that way. She didn't want to work for others as she could quickly lose her job. 

So, she did her own thing to earn money, which was all about money for her. 

But fortunately for her, acting got her everything she ever needed through her efforts. 

Lucy Was Amazed By The CGI

Lucy gave an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, expressing her fantastic experience with CGI. 

She worked in a supernatural movie named Shazam and was one of the magical characters. 

She was riding the wooden dragon in most of the scenes in the movie, and it was a CGI dragon. 

She revealed she was the Guinea pig for the CGI team as it was their first CGI project. 

She was on a bull-like green screen structure connected to cameras and computers. 

Every move of hers was already computed and automated by the team. 

She just had to act as if the dragon was real. She revealed that the whole team had everything planned already about each move and scenario. 

She said that it was an excellent experience for her. 

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