Who Is Jerayah Davis? Girlfriend Of James Justin

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Who Is Jerayah Davis? Girlfriend Of James Justin

Jerayah Davis is the famous girlfriend of professional football player James Justin

Jerayah Davis in black dress.
Jerayah Davis in black dress. Source: Instagram

Dating And Love Life

Jerayah has a boyfriend, James. James and Jerayah met each other in their college life. 

Jerayah Davis with her boyfriend, James Justin.
Jerayah Davis with her boyfriend, James Justin. Source: Instagram


James's age is 24 years old. 

Net Worth

Jerayah's net worth is under review. Instead, her boyfriend James's net worth is $1 million. James has a salary of around 32,000 pounds per week from Leicester City. 

About Her Partner

James is a professional footballer playing for the Premier League club Leicester City. 

He was born on 23 February 1998 in Luton, England. His full name is James Michael Justin.

Jerayah Davis's boyfriend, James Justin.
Jerayah Davis's boyfriend, James Justin. Source: Instagram

Justin Answering The Fan Question

Justin was asked several questions on his social media sites. He replied to them personally through a video. 

He was asked whether he wanted to learn much from Ricardo Periera. 

He answered yes, he has learned from Ricardo in a short period of time, and hopefully, when he becomes fit, Justin will continue learning from him. 

His second question was How good is Harvey Barnes? He replied he was a good player. This season he has been playing well. 

The third question was, who do you get on with most in the Leicester team? 

He calmly replied that he feels like he gets along well with everyone, but probably he would like to say that the person he gets the most with is Harvey Barnes

The next question was what has been the most challenging part of the transition to the Premier League

He answered that for him, it has been the mental part and not switching off at the wrong times. 

The next question was, how have you found your first season at Leicester City

He answered that it was quite fun for him and has improved his skills. 

Injury Of Justin 

Justin had an injury. It was the tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee. 

The club took him to doctor Brian and tried to get all the expertise for scanning him. 

It was a huge disappointment, but they believed that Justin would recover. 

Justin was mentally strong, so he never gave up. He recovered and made a comeback after a few months.

James Maddison And James Playing Famous Quiz About James Together

James Maddison and James had to guess the name of the celebrity or superstar whose name is also James.

Their first question was whether the guy was a British actor, a West Ham United fan, or a US chat host. 

James Maddison answered it correctly with the answer James Gordon. The next question was who won her majesty's service. 

Both of them answered as James Bond. The third question was about a dead politician who was the fourth president of the USA.

Shockingly the answer was James Maddison, where James Maddison answered his name, which was the correct one. 

Their general knowledge was quite good enough to answer the questions.   

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