Jeremy Rice

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Jeremy Rice

Jeremy Rice is the father of famous Australian actress Angourie Rice

He himself is a director. He is married to Kate Rice, a professional writer and actor

Jeremy was born in Australia. He is an Australian citizen. He has two daughters, including Angourie

Angourie is his elder daughter, and Kalliope Rice is his younger daughter. 

Jeremy Rice wife and two daughters
Jeremy Rice wife and two daughters  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Angourie Rice

Angourie was in a relationship with a Canadian actor Charles Vandervaart

They used to post many pictures with each other in their Instagram stories. 

They used to keep some romantic captions dedicating to each other.

Charles, famous for his movie Camp Rock 2 and Angourie, who is famous for her movie These Final Hours, are no longer together. 

They got separated in 2019. Rice is currently single and is focused on her career, with new upcoming movies. 

Family of Jeremy Rice
Family of Jeremy Rice  Source: Instagram

About Angourie Rice

Angourie is a famous Australian actress belonging from Sydney, Australia. She was born on 1 January 2001

She was the first child of her parents, Jeremy and Kate Rice, who are professionally a director and writers

She also has a younger sister named Kalliope Rice.

She debuted in her acting career as a child star and started getting into people's notice from the movie "These Final Hours.

After that, she performed fabulous roles in the "Betty Brant" and "Spiderman" series. 

She used to date a Canadian actor Charles Vandervaart, but after their breakup in 2019, she is single and is focused on her career.

Angourie In The Verse Of Being A Big Star

Rice has always been dedicated to her work and her studies. 

She used to manage all of those and has always wanted to balance things out. 

When she was in school, she used to take her classes and fly for her shoot. She even used to cry a bit if she was failed in Math. 

She continued shooting and studying at the same time. She after graduating dedicated her full time to acting. 

Her hard work, and dedication made her be part of many hit movies. 

Many people talk about her being a big name in the future, watching her talent and appreciable work.


Jeremy's daughter Angourie is currently 20 years old.

Net Worth

Jeremy's daughter, Angourie has a total net worth of $3 Million. Her main source of income is acting. 

The average annual salary of an Australian actor is $52650.

Angourie Rice Revealed That Kate Winslet Made Her Feel Comfortable

The intimate scene in the movie is awkward to do for actors in the scene. 

It is more uncomfortable for the actress if their costar is not someone she knows and trusts. 

Angourie also had an intimate scene in her show "Mare of Easton" with Kate Winslet

Kate knew that Angourie would feel uncomfortable with the scene as they had not worked together many times. 

So Kate always behaved very much nicely with her staying within her limits. 

She tried her best and made Angourie not feel insecure and uncomfortable. 

Kate always made sure of Rice's comfort, which led to their great coordination.

Angourie Rice Spent Her Holidays On Movies

Angourie, in 2017 had her school holidays in July. In those holidays, she was not on vacation or enjoying somewhere. 

Instead, she was busy promoting her movie "Spider-Man: Home Coming" and press meeting for her movie "The Beguiled." 

She also went to shoot her new movie Every Day. She was 16 at that time, rather than enjoying herself with friends and family. 

She enjoyed her work. She really worked her best in that movie, as she always did.

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