Who Is Jerome Jesse Berry? Late Father Of Halle Berry

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Jerome Jesse Berry is the late father of actress Halle Berry. He was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1934

His parents were Cora Lee Powell and Bob Berry. He was also in the Air Force, and after that, he worked as a bus driver for many years. 

He died in 2003 at the age of 63. He battled with Parkinson's disease. 

Jerome Jesse Berry's wife and their daughter.
Jerome Jesse Berry's wife and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Jerome was married to Judith Ann Hawkins. He met his wife at a mental hospital in Cleveland.  

His wife was a nurse at the psychiatric hospital. His wife was of white ethnicity and was from England

They fell for each other despite belonging to different ethnicities. They got married in the early 1960s

They had two kids from their marriage. 

After being married for many years, things started falling out of place, and they got divorced when their daughter, Halle, was just four years old. Their divorce was finalized in 1970.

After that, he got married to Edwina Taylor.


His daughter, Halle, is 57 years old

Net Worth

His daughter, Halle's net worth is estimated at $90 million

Halle And Martinez's Divorce Is Officially Finalized

Halle and Martinez married in 2013 and decided to part ways after being married for three years

Their legal battle is finally over, as the ex-couple divorce has been finalized after eight years. 

They share a son. Halle and her ex-husband will share their son's legal and physical custody. 

Halle will pay 8 thousand dollars monthly for child support and some percentage of her income over $2 million.

Is Halle Dating Anyone?

Halle is in a relationship with musician Van Hunt. They confirmed their relationship in 2020

They got to know each other during the pandemic as they bonded online. They have been very open about their romance. 

Halle Berry with her partner.
Halle Berry with her partner. Source: Instagram

Halle Talked About Her Son's New Habit

In an interview, Halle shared that her eight-year-old son has always been cursing. 

She said he found out about some curse words and has not stopped cursing ever since. 

She added she even asked his pediatrician if anything was wrong with her son. 

The pediatrician told her not to react too much and let her son curse. She shared that her son started cursing during the pandemic. 

She revealed her son cursed everything and was shocked to hear all of that. She added her son likes the reaction she gives after he swears. 

Halle Learned Martial Arts

Halle was the main lead in a Netflix movie called Bruised. She even directed the film. 

She played the role of MMA fighter in the movie. In an interview, she revealed that she trained for one and a half years. 

She used to train for four to six days a week for four to six hours. She learned all the martial arts disciplines. 

She learned jujitsu, taekwondo, Muay Thai, wrestling, judo, and kickboxing. 

She said she trained for everything that an MMA fighter should know. She learned the discipline of MMA. 

She shared that among all the things she learned, she loved jujitsu. She added she was natural and was good at it. 

Halle Talked About Fighting Valentine Shevchenko

In the movie Bruised, Halle fought with Valentina Shevchenko, a professional mixed martial artist

She shared she had some conversation before they fought. 

She said at the beginning, she was not feeling her kicks, so she told her that she didn’t feel her bangs, so she asked her to give her a tough time, and Valentine gave her in her ribs. 

Valentine was embarrassed that she had broken her ribs. 

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