Jerri Chastain- Tragedy Of Jessica Chastain Mother

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Jerri Chastain- Tragedy Of Jessica Chastain Mother

Jerri Chastain is Jessica Chastain's mother, a famous American actress, and an awardee of the Oscar Awards in 2022.

She won the best actress award. 

Jerri Chastain's mom and daughter.
Jerri Chastain's mom and daughter. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

She was married to a rock musician Micheal Monasterio. They both got married when they were teenagers. 

Jerri was 16, and Micheal was 17 when they had their first child. 

Jerri has five children: Jessica, Juliet, Will, Laci, and Nicole.

Her children have her last name because her husband was never in the picture. 

She raised her children in Northern California by herself and did a pretty good job. 

Jerri Chastain's ex-partner.
Jerri Chastain's ex-partner. Source: Pinterest

After separation from Micheal Monasterio, she married Micheal Hastey. 

Micheal is stepfather to Jerri’s children. Micheal is a fireman. Being a stepfather, he never makes his stepdaughters feel left out. 

Jessica said he is her real dad and made her feel secure and safe. 


Jerri’s age has not been revealed. 

Net Worth

Jerri’s famous daughter Jessica's net worth is about $50 Million

Jessica's Life Partner, Gian Luca 

Jessica married Gian Luca in his 17th-century Villa Tiepolo Passi. 

Gian Luca is an Italian man. The pair has two children together. 

Their first meeting was on the same day Jessica got nominated for Oscar Awards. The pair are living a private and happy life together. 

Jerri's Younger Daughter Juilet Attempted Suicide

Juliet died in 2003 from a drug overdose. She was a drug addict from an early age. 

She has already attempted suicide many times, but they never knew the day would come when they would hear about her suicide. 

Jerri Chastain's daughter Juliet.
Jerri Chastain's daughter Juliet. Source: Pinterest 

Juliet did suicide three days before when Jessica was graduating from Julliard.

She died in her father's house. Jessica said that Juliet's death brought their family together. 

And she got a purpose in her life to do something great. And she thinks Juliet's death brings out the best of her.

Juilet Death Inspired Jessica For Change 

Juliet was born in 1979 and was a poet, songwriter, and drummer. 

She committed suicide at the age of 20.  After Juliet’s death, Jessica decided to bring change in herself. 

Jessica was close to Juliet, and when your close ones attempt suicide because of their suffering, you can get devasted and feel like you could have done something to save them. 

Jessica started to support NGOs and people who are suffering from depression and some serious mental health.

She said it is not easy for people suffering from depression. 

Society really doesn't understand them. And when they attempt suicide, we feel like they are being selfish. 

But if someone is dealing with depression, we expect them to come to us in a society where they are not welcomed. 

She says she has so much empathy for people struggling with depression. 

Jerri Chastain's daughter, Jessica Chastain.
Jerri Chastain's daughter, Jessica Chastain. Source: Instagram

Jessica's Struggling Childhood

Growing up with a single mother and absent father, Jessica and her family had gone through a lot. 

As growing up, they had financial issues. Jerri did everything she could for her children, but that wasn't enough for them. 

Jessica said she had to steal food to feed them. And also, some people knew she was doing it, but they didn't stop, so there is kindness everywhere. 

She knew because of her family's financial problems; she could never afford to go to acting classes. 

She worked at a local performing art school in exchange for tuition. 

After her hard work, she was awarded a scholarship at the prestigious Juilliard School

And she pulled herself from the harsh reality and made her life better.

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