Who Is Jessica Altman? Daughter Of Lynda Carter

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Who Is Jessica Altman? Daughter Of  Lynda Carter

Jessica Altman is the daughter of American actress, singer, and beauty pageant titleholder Lynda Carter. 

She was born to her parents, Lynda and Robert A. Altman. She has a brother named James Altman.

She is a lawyer, singer and songwriter. She is an American citizen.

Jessica Altman with her parents Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman and brother James Altman
Jessica Altman with her parents Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman and brother James Altman Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life

Lynda was previously married to Ron Samuels, a talent agent.

The couple got married to each other back in 1977.

They stayed as husband and wife for five years, and after that, they got divorced. 

Lynda had her second marriage with the late Robert A. Altman. They are parents of two children. 

They were together until Robert died in 2021. 

essica Altman's parents Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman
Jessica Altman's parents Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman  Source: Instagram

Dating life of Lynda 

Before tying the knot two times, Lynda dated Michel Polnareff back in 1973. 

Lynda had a very short-lived romance with her ex-boyfriend Michel as they broke up. 

Jessica is also dating a man named Ross. They began dating in 2017. Her boyfriend is a US Navy officer and surgeon.

Jessica Altman with her boyfriend Ross
Jessica Altman with her boyfriend Ross Source: Instagram


Jessica was born on 7 October 1990, and her current age is 31 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Lynda is $10 Million. She earns as being an actress and singer.

Jessica Altman performing on stage
Jessica Altman performing on stage Source: Instagram

Jessica's Mom A Super Woman

Jessica and her mom gave an interview on a show where the daughter and mom talked about many things. 

The interviewer was very shocked when they saw both mom and daughter together during the interview as they both looked quite similar. 

Jessica said that her mom Lynda is an awesome woman, and she feels very lucky to be her daughter. 

Jessica opened up about the things that she learned from her mom. 

She said that her mom instructed her to be strong and brave, and her mom supported her in what she was doing. 

She learned from her mom that she could be whatever she wanted to be in her life, and for that, all she needed to do was to believe in herself. 

She is grateful to have a mom like Lynda in her life.

Heartbroken By Her Husband's Death 

Lynda and her husband have been together since 1984, but sadly, in 2021, her husband passed away, leaving her all alone. 

They were together for more than four decades, and his death caused massive pain in Lynda's heart. 

After that huge loss, Lynda tries to move on with her life. 

She has also released a song to honor her husband and their love. 

She has a lot of memories with him and said that her late husband will always be living inside her till she is alive. 

She said that her husband was very kind, and she felt that any person who was friends with Robert was the luckiest. 

After the death of her husband, she felt like she had lost a part of her, and she didn't know who she was. 

Her husband's death was unreal and unexpected for everyone. 

Now she is trying to move on with her career and trying to heal herself. 

Lynda Being Assaulted 

After showing her appearance in the movie Wonder Woman, many people have loved Lynda

Back in 2018, Lynda came up and opened up about her being sexually harassed. 

She has been in the acting industry for a long time, and being from the entertainment field; she said she was harassed throughout her career. 

She opened up about one of her sexual harassment stories, which happened on the set of Wonder Woman

She didn't reveal the person's name but said that a person had made a hole in the wall of her changing room. 

After what he had done, he was kicked from his work. 

She has also spoken about many other assaults faced in the industry. 

Jessica Altman with her mother Lynda Carter
Jessica Altman with her mother Lynda Carter Source: Instagram

Unhappiness Led To Alcoholism 

Lynda had her first marriage with Ron Samuels, but her marriage with him didn't last long. 

Lynda opened up about her battle with alcoholism. 

She said that she was very unhappy when her first marriage ended and that unhappiness made her addicted to alcohol. 

She said that her second partner got arrested at the same time while she was struggling with alcohol. 

Sometime later, her partner was proved not guilty. 

But later, she went to rehab so that she could recover from her addiction. 

Her later partner helped her overcome her addiction, and she helped her husband in his difficult situation. 

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