Who Is Jessica Holmes? Wife Of Jonnie Irwin

by Manisha Sun Jun 11 2023 Updated On Wed Jun 14 2023
Who Is Jessica Holmes? Wife Of Jonnie Irwin

Jessica Holmes is the wife of TV presenter, writer, lecturer, and property expert Jonnie Irwin

They met each other back in 2015, and they tied the knot in 2016. She got pregnant with her first child in 2018

Now they are parents of three beautiful kids. She used to work as an account assistant.

Jessica Holmes's husband and their children.
Jessica Holmes's husband and their children. Source: Instagram

Jessica Is Petrified With The Thought Of Being A Single Mother

In 2020 Jonnie was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and said he had only six months to live. 

Jonnie revealed his illness back in November last year. Jessica spoke about the fear of being a single parent to their three young kids. 

She was angry that his illness had snatched the best years of their life as new parents.

Jessica Holmes with her husband, Jonnie Irwin.
Jessica Holmes with her husband, Jonnie Irwin. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Jonnie, is 49 years old. 

Net Worth

Her husband Jonnie's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Family of Jessica Holmes.
Family of Jessica Holmes. Source: Instagram

Why Did Jonnie Hide His Cancer For So Long?

Jonnie was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2020, and he revealed his illness in 2022

He kept his illness secret from the audience for two years. 

He said that he wanted to keep it a secret as he was terrified of the word cancer when he heard it for the first time, and he thought if he were in fear, then people around would also be scared after knowing about his cancer. 

He added if he had disclosed it back then, he would have lost some professional work. 

Apart from that, he said that people would treat him socially and mentally differently. 

He added people would start deciding on behalf of him. He said he would not have been able to live his everyday life. 

Jonnie Has Been Hospitalized In The Middle Of Terminal Diagnosis

Jonnie has been struggling with lung cancer since 2020. His cancer has spread to his brain, so he doesn’t know how much time he has to live. 

After disclosing his illness to the audience, he has been giving an update on his condition. 

Recently he updated that he has been admitted to the hospital for a week to monitor a changeover in his pain management regime. 

Jonnie Was Removed From ' The Sun' After He Got Cancer

Jonnie appeared in the show called A Place in The Sun Live, where he used to give people ideas about buying property abroad.

After his cancer diagnosis, they suddenly removed him from the show. 

The show said that they could not get adequate insurance for him to travel. 

He said he has been working in the show for many years and added he can still travel three to four days away from home.

He was heartbroken when they said they couldn’t get adequate insurance and fought for him. 

He said it affected his mental health as he was diagnosed with cancer and had many related problems; on the other hand, he was axed from his job, which was the primary source of his income. 

Jonnie Wants To Make Memories With His Kids

Jonnie has two sons, four years old and two years old

He doesn’t know how long he will live, so he wants to make as many memories as possible with his sons. 

He said his kids are so young that they won’t remember him in the future, so he wanted to film his moments with his sons on camera to remind them of him after he is not in their life.

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