Jessica Kress – Meet Stunning Wife Of Mike McCarthy

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Jessica Kress – Meet Stunning Wife Of Mike McCarthy

Jessica Kress is the wife of American football coach Mike McCarthy, who is currently the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys

Jessica is an elementary school teacher. She was born in the year 1972 and celebrates her birthday on February 2nd. 

She originally belonged to Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is an American citizen by nationality. 

Jessica attended the University of Wisconsin. 

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Jessica Kress with her husband Mike McCarthy
Jessica Kress with her husband Mike McCarthy. Source: Instagram

Married life of Jessica

Jessica has been married twice. Her first marriage was with William Kress. He is the CEO of Green Bay Packaging

The couple shared a son together. Their marriage ended in 2005

After that, she tied the knot with Mike McCarthy. Jessica and Mike met each other through their mutual friend. 

They started dating in 2006, and after two years, on March 15, 2008, they exchanged their vows. 

Shortly after their marriage, they welcomed their first child together, son Gabrielle, in October 2011, and they gave birth to their daughter Isabella in 2011. 

During an interview, Jessica said it is not something she announces but she is proud of her husband. 

The McCarthy family had to move to North Texas in the summer of 2021, which Jessica thought was such a change. 

She said she was happy for him, but her first reaction was oh gosh, well, let's take it day by day. 

She was happy to see him smile and excited and support his passion, but then sometimes it's hard for the coach's wife.

At the time of their move, their children were middle schoolers, which was her biggest concern as she feels middle school is a tough year, and they are growing and trying to find their ways. 

She said she was worried as her children have been with the same kids, same families, at the same school. 

However, they had to embrace their new home and school then. She was relieved after knowing her children had made new friends. 

She also added that her girls have started saying y'all as Texans

Jessica also said that her husband is a family man and devotes lots of his life to his family. 

She also added that he is very funny and is a teddy bear. He has a heart of gold and loves to watch movies and spend time with his children. 

She also said that when he is at home, he never talks about work, even after a loss, and the best thing is he is never negative. 

She also revealed that her husband finds peace on the lake and the boat, and it's his happy place. 

Mike also said that for him, family is first. He said he was raised that way, and he coached the football team that way, family and football. 

He thinks he can never lose sight of that. 

He also understands the importance of Dads and Daughters and is very into that because his young ladies need to have that relationship so that they can excel in their adult lives. 

Mike also has a game ritual. He calls his parents before he goes out, pregame, and then his wife and children after pregame. 

Jessica said Mike tells them he loves them, and in return, they give him their words of support. 

While they are at home, the whole family watches games together. 

Jessica Kress with her husband Mike McCarthy during the Cowboys Season kickoff event at The Star
Jessica Kress with her husband Mike McCarthy during the Cowboys Season kickoff event at The Star. Source: Twitter

Jessica is a stepmom 

Jessica’s current husband, Mike, was married to Christine prior to her. 

He shared one daughter with his ex-wife, which makes Jessica a stepmother to his daughter.

Together, they are parents of five children. 

Age and Net Worth 

Jessica is 52 years old. 

Her net worth is unknown, although we do have the net worth of her husband, Mike, which is $9 Million. His source of income is coaching. 

Did Mike become a cameraman?

A decade ago, Mike went on a vacation to Florida, where he was asked by a stranger to take his picture with his girlfriend. 

The man who asked Mike was Tim Schlosser, who planned to propose to his girlfriend, Abigail Kobriger

They were at the Florida beach, and Abigail had absolutely no idea about Tim’s proposal. 

On the same beach, Mike was also on vacation, and when Tim saw him, he immediately knew who Mike was, as he is popular in the football world. 

So Tim asked Mike to click his picture with his girlfriend. Tim then kneeled down and pulled out the ring, asking Abigail to marry him. 

Mike and Abigail were both surprised, and Mike found it so cool that he clicked more than 20 pictures. 

Mike’s presence made the couple’s proposal moment extra special.

Does Mike feel he has more responsibility? 

Mike has been in the coaching business for a long time. He has been the coach of big sports franchises, the Cowboys and the Packers

These teams have huge NFL history, and for such an iconic franchise, tradition and history mean a lot. 

Mike shared his feelings and said that being the coach of such a big franchise has always come with a big responsibility. 

As he is the steward of the franchise, he makes sure to feel the responsibility instead of just taking it and pressuring himself. 

For him, managing the whole franchise isn’t an easy job, but no matter what, his main focus is always to show and make sure that the organization runs in a proper way. 

Mike was disappointed? 

This year, Cowboy Dallas lost their match against the Green Bay Packers

It was one of the biggest losses for such a big franchise, and the head coach, Mike, was totally disappointed. 

In the press conference, he talked about the match and said that each and every team member was also disappointed. 

Mike didn’t give any excuses for the loss, but instead, he fully admitted that his team didn’t give their best in their match. 

Also, he appreciated the gameplay of the Packers and said that they came in hot and well-played. 

Mike was obviously very hurt, and so was his whole team. Everyone in the Dallas team was responsible for the lost as they didn’t play to their capabilities.

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