Who Is Jian Yu? Father Of Lulu Wang

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Who Is Jian Yu? Father Of Lulu Wang

Jian Yu is the father of Lulu Wang, who is an American filmmaker. Jian wife is Haiyan Wang.

Jian Yu's wife, Haiyan Wang.
Jian Yu's wife, Haiyan Wang. Source: Instagram

About Daughter, Lulu 

Lulu was born on February 25, 1983

She is known for directing movies like Posthumous in 2014 and The Farewell in 2019

She earned an Independent Spirit Award. She is skilled in English, Mandarin Chinese, and some Spanish

Lulu's father was a Chinese diplomat; her mother worked in cultural critique and editing

She spent part of her childhood in Beijing and a year with her grandmother in Changchun before moving to Miami at age 6 when her father pursued a Ph.D. 

Lulu has been in a relationship with filmmaker Barry Jeanks since 2018. She is not married yet. 

Her brother Anothny works as a sous chef in Los Angeles

Lulu Wang with her partner.
Lulu Wang with her partner. Source: Instagram


Jian's daughter, Lulu, is 40 years old.

Net worth

As an American filmmaker, Jian's daughter Lulu's net worth is about $5 million

Lulu Series Expats Is About Selfless Women 

The filmmaker Lulu made a show named Expats

Expats is a different kind of TV show where the main characters, including the famous Nicole Kidman, aren’t always in the spotlight.

Lulu chose this because she wanted to tell stories of women who spend their lives helping others. 

Lulu, the director and writer, was inspired by her precious work about her grandmother. 

The show focuses on giving dignity to these women by telling the story from the point of view of people living abroad, not just about them. 

It is about showing their lives and experiences. 

Based On Lulu's Real-Life Tragedy Movie The Farewell

Lulu talks about her movie The Farewell, based on her real-life experience of her family deciding to keep her grandmother’s terminal illness a secret and planning a wedding as a final goodbye. 

At first, she thought it could be a funny story, but she realized it needed a more balanced approach, capturing both the humor and joy of her culture and the sadness of the situation. 

She faced challenges concerning her family’s privacy while responsibly telling the story. 

The film shows the family’s reaction to the grandmother’s illness, highlighting unique perspectives on their messed up lives. 

At first, she was aiming for a comedy, but she shifted to value genuineness over humor.  

She also shared her experience collaborating with This American Life, which empowered her as a beautiful voice and allowed her to tell her story more beautifully. 

Lulu Wang shared how she pitched her personal story about her grandmother’s illness to " This American Life, leading to the creation of her film The Farewell

Neil Drumming, interested in healing Lulu's perspectives, asked her sincerely. 

Lulu shared her struggle when her grandmother was dying. 

Challenging Journey Of Lulu While Making The Farewell

Lulu shared her musical background. 

She played the piano daily, influencing film editing and dialogue style. 

She discusses her love for rhythmic screwball comedies and how she uses music to feel the flow while writing. 

Lulu values the importance of silence in music and film, mentioning examples from her movie The Farewell

She said that the movie The Farewell reaction of her family and her grandma still didn’t know about it. 

She explained the family’s mixed feelings about whether to tell her and the challenges she faced in keeping the film a secret during production. 

She thinks about the challenging experience of creating the movie while dealing with family relationships and staying true to her artistic ideas. 

It was a complicated journey balancing personal emotions and professional goals. 


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