Jicyra Johnson- Chad Johnson Daughter Lost Virginity At 16

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Jicyra Johnson- Chad Johnson Daughter Lost Virginity At 16

Jicyra Johnson is the daughter of Chad Javon Jicyra’s Johnson, who is a former football wide receiver. 

More About Jicyra

Jicyra Johnson was born on February 13, 1998. She was brought up and raised in Miami, Florida, United States.

While growing up, her parents did not live together. Her parents are also not married. They were co-parenting Jicyra.

Her mother’s name is Trice. She was born on May 23, 1978. She is forty-three years as of 2021

Jicyra with her mother and brother
Jicyra with her mother and brother  Source: Instagram

Jicyra’s father was born on January 9, 1978. He is forty-three years old. 

The background about how they met and got into a relationship has not been disclosed.

Jicyra with her father
Jicyra with her father  Source: Instagram

Jicyra’s Siblings

Jicyra has a total of seven siblings. She has one brother named Jordan from her mother’s side and six siblings from her father’s side. 

Even though her siblings are born from different mothers, they have always good relationships. 

She even posts pictures of their siblings and feels grateful to have them in their life. 

Jicyra has four sisters. Her sisters are named Chade Johnson, Cha’iel Johnson, Keneedi Johnson, and Cheyenne Elaina Rae Johnson

Jicyra is the eldest sister, and Cheyenne Elaina is the youngest one. Jicyra has two brothers from her father’s side named Chad Johnson Jr and Savi Johnson

Jicyra with her dad and siblings
Jicyra with her dad and siblings  Source: Instagram

An Instagram Model

Jicyra is an Instagram model. She started her modeling career through her Instagram, as she already has a pretty decent amount of followers.

She often models swimwear. She has promoted some famous swimwear brands like Matte Collection, Gets Bodied, Swims by sea, Fashion Nova

She is also the brand ambassador of II XIII Swim

Besides swimwear, she often promotes a health and beauty company called QB Vogue Beauty

She does her hair and lashes extensions from this Beauty shop. She also does her outfit blog. She usually buys clothes from Fashion Nova.

A Traveler

Jicyra travels a lot. She visits different countries and resorts. She had recently traveled to Africa with her mother and brother Jordan.

She has also been to Denver, Colorado, with her friends. She posted a video of herself skiing. 

She went to Honduras before the corona outbreak with her friends. She spent her time there on Roatan Island

Jicyra is a beach person. She mostly loves visiting places where she can flaunt her swimwear. 

Jicyra Johnson in Kenya
Jicyra Johnson in Kenya  Source: Instagram

She is mainly spotted wearing the brands that she usually posts on her Instagram during her travel. 

She went to explore Maasai Mara and filmed different animals. She has posted almost every trip on her Instagram and its stories. 

A Youtuber

Besides modeling, Jicyra is also a YouTuber. She recently started her YouTube channel at the start of 2021

The first video that she posted was “Getting to know me,” where she shared and answered personal questions. 

The next video she uploaded was “Who knows who better.” In this video, she and her best friend asked each other questions about themselves to see each other better. 

Her audience also seems to be liking her content. She has only posted two videos for now. 

Her first video got more than four thousand views. Her second video has a total of one thousand and nine hundred views. 

She has three hundred and eighty-one subscribers on her channel. She revealed through her Instagram stories that she has plans to make more content on YouTube

Lost Virginity at young age 

Jicyra has answered some of the questions asked by her fans. 

The first question she answered was about pronouncing her name, and she showed how to pronounce her name. 

Another question was about the thing she had been using on her face. She replied, saying that she uses bio-oil, tea tree oil and vitamin oil. 

While answering that question, she said that her face is much pigmented, which is why she is using those oils for her skin. 

Most of the fans wanted to know whether she was single or not; she replied that it was none of others' business, but later she said that she had been single for 22 years. 

Her fans think that she is really very fit and they wanted to know how she keeps herself fit. 

She opened up that most people ask her the same question and she truthfully told that she focuses on her diet and does not work out at all. 

She said that she is focusing on gaining weight. 

She also revealed that her not being a virgin. She lost her virginity at the age of 16

She was on the verge of being 17, and she didn't want to enter her new age as a virgin, so she had sex with a guy while she was just 16

Jicyra then called herself a spoiled brat as her parents celebrated her every birthday by throwing a big party. 

Jicyra is the daughter of a very popular NFL player, so people asked her about her childhood. 

She opened up that she had a very normal childhood because her mom raised her. 

Although her dad is a big person, she was raised by her mom, who is not a celebrity, so she said she had a normal childhood. 

Net Worth

The earnings of Jicyra has not been revealed, but her estimated earnings are given below:

Estimated exact Net WorthSources
$ 1 hundred thousand- $1 millionInstagram model

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Jicyra is twenty-three years old.
  2. Her nationality is American.

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