Who Is Jill Kimmel? Sister Of Jimmy Kimmel

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Who Is Jill Kimmel? Sister Of Jimmy Kimmel

Jill Kimmel is the sister of a well-known television host, comedian, writer, and producer, Jimmy Kimmel. 

Besides being a celebrity sister, Jill has created a name for herself. Jill is a producer, stand-up comedian, voiceover artist, and actress.  

She has been doing stand-ups across the globe since 2006. In addition, she has appeared in sketches on Jimmy Kimmel Live and has filmed multiple commercials for companies.

Jill Kimmel with her brother, Jimmy Kimmel.
Jill Kimmel with her brother, Jimmy Kimmel. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Jill was married to her then-husband Carson Bryan for 19 years before ending their marriage in divorce. 

While appearing on Craig Shoemaker's podcast, Jill said that her then-husband was never ok with Jill going out three or four nights a week for comedy shows. 

Their kids remained with her parents because he would be furious that she was on the show. 

She said being a comedian is a commitment and also a commitment on the spouse’s part because there are a lot of late nights.

Children of Jill Kimmel.
Children of Jill Kimmel. Source: Instagram

Following her divorce, she started dating a guy. They dated for almost four years before breaking up. 

She said it was hard for her to get through the heartbreak, and there was a lot of crying, but she had to move on. 

And the way she got over it was that her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, whom he was dating behind her back, texted her, and they started having a conversation and compared notes, after which she also broke up with him. 

Her four days of texting with her did more for her than seven months of therapy.


Jill was born on 14 November 1970 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is currently 52 years old.

Net Worth

Jill has been working as a stand-up comedian since 2006.

She has excelled, working with Tom Papa, Greg Fitzsimmons, Jim Norton, Jeffrey Ross, and many other top comedians at Stand-up Live, The Laugh Factory, the Improv clubs, etc. 

Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

How Did She Discover Her True Calling In Stand-Up Comedy?

In early 2006, at 36, Jill discovered her true calling of stand-up comedy. 

Her then-husband, who planned a date night after a decade of their marriage, took her to the comedy show and told her she would be good at it. 

Then after a few months, she signed up for an open mic and fell in love with it. 

She went to the open mic, made jokes, and hung out with the comics to learn from them what it was all about. 

According to Jill, she knew stand-up was her true calling because no matter how stressed or nervous she would get, she always looked forward to her next performance. 

Jill was married then; she started with her husband’s last name Bryan, so people didn’t know she was a celebrity sister.

During the TEDxTalks, she said she could always make people at least willing to listen or engage someone enough to listen to what she has to say. 

Jill says to advance in comedy one has to make a personal effort to write and re-write jokes and make it count no matter how many hands are extended to you to help you. 

She knew she had to do it alone to develop her comedy or for herself.

Doting Mom Of Two

Jill is a doting mother of her two kids, who are now grown up. But her kids were young when she started her career journey as a stand-up comedian. 

At the time, she needed extended hands to help her out, which she didn’t get from her then-husband, but she got from her parents.  

She could do her show, leaving her kids at her parent’s home.

Jill Kimmel with her children and parents.
Jill Kimmel with her children and parents. Source: Instagram

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