Who Is Jill Miskelly? Ex-Girlfriend Of Busta Rhymes

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Who Is Jill Miskelly? Ex-Girlfriend Of Busta Rhymes

Jill Miskelly is the ex-girlfriend of Busta Rhymes, who is an American rapper and singer. They have a daughter named Mariah Rhymes.

Jill Miskelly's ex-boyfriend and their daughter.
Jill Miskelly's ex-boyfriend and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Busta's Relationships And Children

Busta is currently single but is very private about his life. 

Recently, there was an incident where a fan got too close and touched him inappropriately. 

Busta reacted by throwing his drink at the fan, and people on social media supported his response because he didn’t get violent. 

Busta has children. He has five children. He has two daughters and three sons from different relationships. 

His sons T’Ziah, T’Khi, and Trillian are involved in various fields like finance, sports and entertainment. 

His daughters Mariah and Cacie have pursued careers in finance, modeling, styling, blogging, etc. 

Busta is a proud father because of his kid's achievements.

Busta dated Jill Miskelly, and they have a daughter named Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly, born in 1998

Also, he was in a relationship with Joanne Wood, and they have three children named T’Ziah Wood Smith, T’Khi Wood Smith, and Trillian Wood Smith

They had a custody battle for their children, and Busta won custody. 

There were rumors that Rhonda Randall was Busta’s wife, but it is not true. She is not his wife or ex-wife. 

They were never married. He has another daughter named Cacie Smith, who was born in 1998

She is from his relationship with Rhonda Randall. Busta Rhymes has never married till now. 


Jill Miskelly is in her late 40s

Net Worth

As an American rapper, her ex-boyfriend Busta's net worth is about $20 Million.

Busta Lost 100 Pound Weight After An Asthma Attack

Busta is a famous rapper and singer. He has lost a lot of weight, around 100 pounds. 

He decided to make this change after a scary incident when he had trouble breathing after having sex with his ex-girlfriend. 

She was worried about his health. So she told him he needed to lose weight to return to how he used to look. 

He had gained so much weight in the first place because his father had passed away in 2014, and he didn’t cope with it well. 

He started drinking, smoking, and eating unhealthy food to deal with the pain. 

He also had a problem with his throat that made it hard for him to breathe. But in 2019, he decided to focus on getting healthy. 

He shared his weight loss journey on social media and started working out a lot, including weightlifting, circuits, and using saunas and cryotherapy. 

He’s been working hard to get in shape for his upcoming tour with 50 Cent. 

Busta Rhymes and many other artists understand the importance of caring for their physical and mental health to be their best selves and make their fans happy. 

Busta Son Passed Away 

Busta recently talked about an unfortunate and personal experience during an interview. 

In the early 1990s, he was part of a music group called Leaders of the New School, but he eventually decided to go solo. 

This caused problems between him and one of his group members, Charlie Brown

During the interview, Busta shared that he also suffered a heartbreaking loss around the same time he left the group. 

His baby son passed away. Losing a child is a harrowing experience; he had to endure this while dealing with his music career changes.

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