Who Is Jim Simpson? Husband Of Sigourney Weaver

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Who Is Jim Simpson? Husband Of Sigourney Weaver

Jim Simpson is the husband of American actress Sigourney Weaver. Jim is a director and actor known for his work in Event Horizon, Spice Word, and The Guys

He was born in 1956 and has his birthday on February 21. He is an American citizen by his parents.

Jim Simpson with his wife, Sigourney Weaver.
Jim Simpson with his wife, Sigourney Weaver. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Jim

Jim is married to his wife, Sigourney Weaver. Jim met Sigourney for the first time back in 1983 at Theatre Festival

Sigourney was dating someone else when they met, so nothing happened between them. 

However, things were interesting between them. 

Jim’s partner shared in an interview that Jim took her shoes and kept them somewhere when she took them off for a dance. 

She didn’t know where it was so she asked Jim for her shoes. 

After that, they directly met at Sigourney’s party, where they got close to each other. 

They fell in love and started dating, and after three months in 1984, they tied the knot.

Jim welcomed his first child with his wife in 1990 and named her Charlotte Simpson

They have been married for more than three decades now and are very happy in their marriage life. 

Jim Simpson with his wife and their daughter.
Jim Simpson with his wife and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Jim is 67 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million. His source of income is directing and acting

The Reason Behind Jim’s Long-Lasting Marriage

Jim and his wife have been married for more than three decades now. The couple is parents to a daughter. 

They have both come a long way and even after so many years, they still have lots of love and respect for each other. 

His wife Sigourney revealed that their principles are the reason behind their long-lasting, happy marriage. 

They are both in the entertainment industry, and Sigourney’s career is much more successful than Jim’s, even though Jim has no problem with it; instead, he supports her. 

Also, they took turns watching their child when she was small. As his wife was busy traveling most of the time, Jim cared for their daughter most of the time. 

They have great understanding, and both put effort into their marriage. 

Jim Agreed Not To Work With His Wife 

Jim and his wife have only worked for one time throughout their life. 

They did a movie together in 2002 titled The Guys; it was their first and last project. 

Jim wrote and directed the movie Star Film. 

The movie shooting was too short, and after that, they never collaborated on any movies. 

According to Jim, he and his wife love to talk about their work and complain about the people they work with, but when they work together, they realize they can’t do that. 

They didn’t like that, and getting into a business together as partners isn’t healthy for a relationship, so Jim and his wife agreed on not working together. 

Jim’s Wife Was Demotivated

Jim’s wife, Sigourney, is one of the actresses with a successful career in the acting industry. 

She has played in many movies and TV shows. Her confident and bold acting made everyone love her. 

However, things were entirely different for Sigourney when she started her acting career. 

She went to drama school to learn acting. 

She thought she would turn out great after attending drama school, but her teachers demotivated her, saying she was not made for acting and had zero talent. 

Her teachers crushed her self-esteem, and because of that, she never thought of a successful acting career. 

She never expected that she could be the actress she is now.

She worked in theater for a long time, which helped her boost her confidence. 

Jim Opened His Theater

Jim and Sigourney both opened a theater named The Flea

It was both Jim’s and Sigourney's idea to open the theater, but he was the one who kept the theater proposal at first in front of Sigourney. 

Sigourney has always found Jim’s work very powerful and full of fun. She always loved his work and was proud of him for his achievements. 

They have always considered opening a theater together, and she feels so grateful that Jim came up with it. 

Their theater is for every person with all the talents. 

Despite Sigourney hardly getting time to spend in the theater, Jim made her co-founder, and Sigourney gave all the credit for the theater to Jim. 

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