Who Is Jim Skrip? Husband Of Vanessa Williams

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Who Is Jim Skrip? Husband Of Vanessa Williams

Jim Skrip is the husband of American singer, actress and fashion designer Vanessa Williams. 

Jim himself is a former accountant. He currently works as a real estate agent for Buffalo

He was born in New York. He is an American citizen.

Jim Skrip's wife, Vanessa Williams
Jim Skrip's wife, Vanessa Williams Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jim 

Jim is currently married to a well-known actress, singer and fashion designer, Vanessa Williams.

The couple happily got married in 2015 at a Polish church in Buffalo

They had a private wedding as only their few close family members and friends were invited. 

Jim has four stepchildren who were from his wife's ex-partners.

Jim Skrip with his wife Vanessa Williams
Jim Skrip with his wife Vanessa Williams Source: Instagram


Jim is 62 years old. His height is 5 feet 10 inches.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jim is $10 Million. He earns as being a businessman and real estate agent.

Learned From Marriage 

Vanessa has been married three times, and she is the mother of four children. 

She opened up that she learned a lot from her three marriages, and she knows much about it now. 

She said that every partner is different, and the most important thing to know in marriage is that nothing is perfect. 

She also talked about her priorities, and for Vanessa, her children come in the first place. 

She said that her career is her second priority, and marriage comes in the third position. 

When her kids were young, they were her priority because, at that time, her children needed her the most, and she had to be there. 

But it’s not always the same, and she learned that she has to shift her priorities according to time and situation, so she tries her best to be flexible. 

Vanessa Got Attracted By T-Shirt 

Vanessa is currently married to Jim Skrip, and the couple is very happy together. 

Vanessa opened up about how and where she met her husband and how everything started between them in an interview. 

She opened that she was on a trip to Nile, Egypt, and her husband Jim was also there for a trip, and both of them were on the same cruise. 

Jim was alone on the trip, and she was with her daughters. Suddenly, Vanessa’s travel companion told her to have a conversation with Jim as he was alone. 

Then she noticed Jim wearing Buffalo T-shirt, and as her mom was also from Buffalo, she started her conversation by asking if he was also from Buffalo. 

Then she invited him for dinner in her hotel. At dinner night, they had a great time with each other. 

They talked with each other for three hours straight and knew that something would happen and they fell in love and got married to each other.

How Vanessa Lost Miss America Title?

Back in time, Vanessa got featured in Penthouse magazine.

That magazine said that they would release her nude photo. 

She said that she got a call from Geraldine Farrar, an interviewer, about her being featured in a magazine. 

When she heard about it, she didn’t know what she was talking about, but that interviewer said she listened to that news from a reliable source, but she had no idea about that. 

Then she called a lawyer and told them that she had to know how and what had happened. 

She was 21 years old, and thankfully, her parents were supportive of her; and they told her not to worry about helping to clear things out. 

Because of that controversy, she had to step out of the Miss America pageant and, instead of her first runner-up was crowned as the winner of Miss America.

Proud Of Her Skin

Vanessa opened up about her being a part of the magazine. 

She said that she got a call from a magazine that was willing to work on a beauty issue, and she was 44 years old when she got that call. 

The person on that phone told her she looked great in her 40s and wanted to cast her in the magazine so they could show people to be comfortable in their skin. 

She agreed to do the magazine, and she opened up that she did a lot of exercise and workouts to maintain her skin. 

She said one should sweat a lot so that they could keep their skin and overall health fit.

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