Joan Archer- Tragedy Of Buzz Aldrin Ex-Wife

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Joan Archer- Tragedy Of Buzz Aldrin Ex-Wife

Joan Archer is the ex-wife of the former astronaut, engineer, and fighter pilot Buzz Aldrin. They got married in 1954.

Her husband was an Air Force lieutenant when she met him. They were married for almost two decades. 

The couple shared three kids, Janice Aldrin, James Aldrin, and Andrew Aldrin. They parted ways in 1974

After her divorce, she started working as an administrator at ABC television in Los Angeles. She died at the age of 84 in 2015. 

Joan Archer with her ex-husband, Buzz Aldrin.
Joan Archer with her ex-husband, Buzz Aldrin. Source: Pinterest

Buzz Married At The Age Of 93

Astronaut Buzz tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Dr. Anca Faur, on his 93rd birthday. He was married thrice before marrying Anca

Buzz Aldrin with his wife, Anca Faur.
Buzz Aldrin with his wife, Anca Faur. Source: Instagram

He tweeted that he was pleased to marry his longtime partner. He tweeted that they were as excited as eloping teenagers. 

They exchanged their wedding vows in a private ceremony. The two have 30 years age gap. 


At the time of her death, she was 84 years old.

Net Worth

Her ex-husband's net worth is estimated to be $14 million

Buzz Recalled The Mission To Land On Moon

Buzz was the man behind Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. He set foot on the moon on July 2021, 1996, 19 minutes after Neil Armstrong touched the moon's surface.

He said that the main contribution of Apollo 11 was to demonstrate the ability to land on objects. 

He said there was no spacewalk until Alexei Leonov became the first to leave the spacecraft and conducted a 12 minutes spacewalk. 

So he trained one of his friends Ed White to do a spacewalk for Gemini IV

They had to guide him to do that and successfully got back to the spacecraft. He said he was confident about their mission. 

He further added there was a 65% chance that they would land on the moon, but they were 95% sure that even if they did not successfully land on the moon, they would return to Earth safely. 

Buzz Sued Two Of His Children

In 2018 Buzz sued two of his children. He filed a lawsuit against them, saying they were after his money and putting his legacy at risk. 

His two children claimed that Buzz had dementia, and he fired back at them. He sued them for fraud, exploitation, and misuse of funds. 

Two of his three children filed paperwork to be his co-guardians and gave his children to look over his finances and business. 

His children said their father was paranoid, and his cognitive skill declined. 

He sued them also for derogation. Buzz clarified that he was younger and more energetic than ever, and his cognition was also intact. 

He said the family feud started on a trip to the South pole in 2016, where he collapsed. 

After that incident, his children started limiting his activities. His two kids said that they were disappointed by his unjustified lawsuit. 

Buzz Told The Story Of The First Moon Landing

Buzz shared that when they were about to land on the moon, they got some program alarm that interrupted the displays. 

He said that computer displays were basic and easy to read, but then their display went blank because of a program alarm. 

They told Houston about the problem a few minutes after they got a response and had their back. 

So they continued to do down, and at 500 ft., all commanders decided to control the landing. 

Neil Armstrong manually controlled when they reached 100ft near the landing spot, and Buzz gave information about altitude. 

A few seconds later, they successfully landed on the moon

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