Who Is Joanna Chimonides? Ex Girlfriend Of Ben Chilwell

by Sushant Sat Aug 13 2022 Updated On Sun Sep 11 2022
Who Is Joanna Chimonides? Ex Girlfriend Of Ben Chilwell

Joanna Chimonides is a well-known girl who is an ex-girlfriend of football player Ben Chilwell

She was born on 5 October 1996 in London, United Kingdom. Her nationality is English

She is into fitness and a model too.

Joanna Chimonides with her mother.
Joanna Chimonides with her mother. Source: Instagram

Her Love Life

Joanna and Ben were in a relationship with each other. 

They knew each other when they were in the same city.

At that time, Ben used to play for the club Leicester City, and Joanna used to study at the University of Leicester. She was studying Psychology at the University.

Ben fell in love with Joanna for the first time when he saw her. The couple had decent chemistry going on but things changed and they had to split.

It is said that the reason behind their breakup was that they didn't have enough time to express their emotions, and her boyfriend could not understand her. 

Joanna was busy getting separate fame, and Ben felt uncomfortable because of it. She had decided to join Love Island and Ben did not like it. He dumped her after she decided to go with her decision.

Their relationship was over after 1 year of dating.

It is rumored that he is dating another girl. 

Before Joanna, he was in a relationship with a Netflix actor Camila Kendra.  

Joanna Chimonides's ex-boyfriend, Ben Chilwell
Joanna Chimonides's ex-boyfriend, Ben Chilwell. Source: Instagram


The age of Joanna is 26 years old. Ben is 25 years old. Joanna is older than him.

Net Worth

The net worth of Joanna is under review. Joanna joined Love Island and according to The Sun, the contestant does get a small amount for their participation. It is around 250 pounds per episode. 

Her ex-boyfriend's net worth is $36.5 Million.

Ben recently signed a 5 year deal with the London Club. The contract pays him £9,880,000 per year. He gets paid a staggering £190,000 per week and is one of the highest earners in the club.

Joanna Chimonides is clad in a green outfit.
Joanna Chimonides is clad in a green outfit. Source: Instagram

Ex-Boyfriend Football Journey

Ben was born on 21 December 1996 in Milton Keynes, England. He was born to parents Wayne Chilwell and Sally Chilwell.

He started his football career as a child. 

He is currently playing for the national team of England and one of the biggest clubs in the world, Chelsea.

He decided to become a footballer when he has just five or six years old. He said that he started loving the game with the first kick of the ball. 

He remembers his grandfather and his training with him. 

When his grandfather asked him to hit the crossbar (crossbar challenge), he used to use his left foot. 

After seeing this, his grandfather always used to ask him to use his right foot as well.

When he was 10, he decided to go for a trial at Leicester. This was the time his father realized that he was born to play football.

Ben Skills

Ben is a left-back.

What makes Ben so good is his attacking skills. He is a goal scorer, he defends well and he can be really handy for Chelsea.

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