Who Is Joao Mario's Stunning Wife? What Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Sun Oct 23 2022 Updated On Fri Nov 11 2022
Who Is Joao Mario's Stunning Wife? What Is His Net Worth?

Joao Mario is a Portuguese professional footballer. He currently plays for the football club Benfica in the position of midfielder

He was born to his parents, Lidia Costa and Joao Mario Eduardo. He was raised with his two siblings, Wilson and Hugo, in Porto, Portugal.  

He is an Angolan-Portuguese citizen by his nationality. 

Joao Mario stunning wife and dinner date
Joao Mario stunning wife and dinner date Source: Instagram

Married life of Joao 

Joao is married to his wife, Marta Branco Oliveiraa. They have a daughter together. 

Joao married his love of life in June 2022. He thanked his family and friends who attended a great day of his life.

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Joao Mario with his stunning wife Marta Branco Oliveiraa
Joao Mario with his stunning wife Marta Branco Oliveiraa Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Joao is 29 years old. The net worth of Joao is estimated to be $1 Million - $5 Million. His source of income is a footballer. 

Joao admitted Neymar was annoying

Joao’s club Benfica went against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League and ended up getting a draw. 

The match was really interesting on both sides. But after the match, Joao called out Neymar as an annoying player in front of the media. 

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It was not an insulating comment but an appreciation for Neymar. 

Joao admitted that Neymar is a genius and a brilliant player who is great with ball control. 

The way he passes players and humiliates them with skills is perfection. Playing against him was very annoying for Joao as he is that good. 

Joao appreciated Neymar as one of the greatest players in the world.

Joao came to win the Champions League

Joao’s team Benfica came as underdogs in the current Champions League as they had a draw against PSG in both legs. 

And as they have Juventus in their group as well, they are not scared at all. 

Joao said that his team has been working really hard and performing really well since the beginning. 

He knows that there was no chance to top the group stage, but he did claim that his team would do their best to qualify for the Champions League. 

He expressed that he doesn’t know how well the team is going to play and what is the exact strength of his team. 

But what he is sure about is that he and his team are there in Champions League matches to win the league and bring the trophy back to their home.

Joao called his teammate ugly

Joao and his teammate of the same name Joao Miranda gave an interview after their team Inter Milan won against Genoa with a 4-0 lead. 

Joao was wearing a blue sweater, so the interviewer asked him if he was wearing that sweater to make it easy to differentiate both Joao

But Joao jokingly said that Joao Miranda was ugly than him, which made it easy to recognize them. 

It was just a joke, so both of them took it in a fun way. 

Moreover, Joao Maranda added that he had already married and had three children, so he was okay with being called ugly. 

For Joao Mario, he is single, so Joao Miranda said that he needed to look handsome.

Joao didn’t take much pressure

When Joao was bought by Inter Milan, he was the second-highest-paid player in the history of the club. 

It was nice for him to be of such value and be able to represent one of the biggest clubs in the world. 

But he admitted that he was not taking its pressure at all. He expressed that he was enjoying his time in the club. 

It didn’t mean that he was not working for the team. He was serious about the visions and ambitions that the team held. 

He was ready to give it all in for the team to do well in League matches and also Champions League matches.

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