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Joaquim Silva is the father of Portuguese professional footballer Diogo Jota

Joaquim is married to Isabel Silva. He has two sons with Isabel named Diogo and Andre. Joaquim is Portuguese by his nationality.

Joaquim Silva son Diogo Jota
Joaquim Silva son Diogo Jota  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Diogo Jota 

Diogo is in relationship with Rute Cardoso. Their love story started in 2013

They knew each other from an early age and went to the same school. 

They started dating when they were in high school and slowly fell in love. 

The couples are very happy together. Diogo's partner has been very supportive of him. 

They have completed 8 years of togetherness. They are not married yet. The couple announced their pregnancy in 2020 and has a son together. 

Diogo Jota  with his girlfriend Rute Cardoso
Diogo Jota  with his girlfriend Rute Cardoso Source: Instagram 

About Diogo Jota 

Diogo’s full name is Diogo Jose Teixeira da Silva is a Portuguese professional footballer born on 4 December 1996

His parents are Joaquim and Isabel Silva. He was born and raise in Porto, Portugal along with his brother.

He pursued a football career and is achieving success from it. 

He is well known as the player of Liverpool who plays as a forward and winger for that club. 

He plays for Portugal National Team. Before joining the club Liverpool, he used to play for Atletico Madrid

He has played many leagues and championships. He is one of the good players of the Liverpool club. 

Family of Diogo Jota
Family of Diogo Jota  Source: Instagram 


Diogo is 24 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Diogo is 7.3 Million pounds. He earns by playing football

Joaquim Silva's Son Wants To Win Titles

Joaquim's son Diogo is a brilliant player. Playing for the Portuguese National team and one of the biggest club, Liverpool, is itself a huge achievement. 

He joined Liverpool FC in 2020 and played a season. It went quite well, but he couldn't give his best because of his injuries. 

But in the 2021 season, he said that he should earn some titles with the team and make him more worthy. 

He said that if any of the injuries or anything bad did not happen, he would be in his best form. 

He wants to help the club maintain its lead and win many titles for the individual and the club. 

He is looking forward to the matches.

Jota Got Injured In An Important Match

In 2021, Diogo was up against another strong team Arsenal

There he clashed with Aaron Ramsdale of Arsenal. Liverpool won match over Arsenal in that match.

During the match, Diogo was injured and was in pain. When he was checked, he had a knee injury. Along with him, many other players were also injured. 

He thankfully had minor injuries, but he missed some important matches.

Diogo Jota Named Removed From Playing Against Chelsea

Diogo was injured and rested for about a couple of months. 

After his knees were recovered and he was all ready to play, he returned to the training ground, and he seemed on form. 

Liverpool's coach was also ready to keep him in the squad to improve the club's play, but overnight, his name was removed from the squad, and it seemed that he was not playing against Chelsea

When the media asked about the sudden squad change, the manager said that he felt sick overnight and was weak. 

He had to be sent home for his well-being, and it was upon Diogo to play. If he healed fast, he would be on the team. 

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