Who Is Jocelyn Desrouleaux? Mother Of Jason Derulo

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Who Is Jocelyn Desrouleaux? Mother Of Jason Derulo

Jocelyn Desrouleaux is a celebrity mom. She is the mother of American singer, songwriter and dancer Jason Derulo. 

Her husband is Joel Yvon Desrouleaux. They share two children.

Jocelyn Desrouleaux with her husband Joel Yvon Desrouleaux and son Jason Derulo
Jocelyn Desrouleaux with her husband Joel Yvon Desrouleaux and son Jason Derulo Source: Instagram

Is Jason Married To Jena Frumes?

Jason was in a romantic relationship with Jena Frumes.

The couple called off their relationship four months after welcoming their first child together. 

They met each other reportedly at the gym in 2020. They started dating early in quarantine right away. 

Jason Derulo with his ex-partner Jena Frumes
Jason Derulo with his ex-partner Jena Frumes. Source: Instagram

They made lots of fun videos together during quarantine. They decided to part ways in 2021.

Jason announced their separation through his Twitter handle. 

He quoted that Jena is an amazing mother, and they feel that being apart at the time will allow them to be the best versions of themselves. 

They said that they would continue to co-parent their son. 

Their split came as a surprise to their fans as just two days earlier. Jena wished Jason a happy birthday with a lovely caption. 


Her son Jason is 32 years old. He is 6 feet tall.

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

Jocelyn Desrouleaux with her son Jason Derulo
Jocelyn Desrouleaux with her son Jason Derulo. Source: Instagram

Jason Loves Tiktok       

Jason is insanely popular on Tiktok. He got actively into Tiktok during the lockdown. 

At first, he was not totally into it. 

He just started with a challenge as it was trending on Tiktok, and he found that to be cool. 

And slowly, he got hooked. He said that he could do whatever he wanted to do on the app in an interview. 

He feels like other apps are into one thing. While in Tiktok, one can cook, dance, sing and get viral. 

He added one could go viral on anything in Tiktok as it's all equal a playing field. 

Now, he loves it and loves making videos.

Jason Made Some Crazy Videos With Will Smith

Will Smith's team hit him and said that Will is his fan and he would love to collaborate with him for videos. 

Jason was also a big fan of Will. He couldn't say no to that offer. So they worked together. 

They started with one video and went on, then started making some crazy and fun videos. 

He said that he looked up to Will while growing up. 

So to work with him on videos was an awesome experience for him. 

Many millions of people loved their videos. They shot the videos in Will's house. 

He shared that he saw lion, deer, rabbits, and animals in his house.

Jocelyn Desrouleaux's son Jason Derulo and grandson
Jocelyn Desrouleaux's son Jason Derulo and grandson Source: Instagram

Instagram Had To Take One Of Jason's Photos Down

Jason got a lot of attention for his viral photo in 2019. 

Jason posted a photo of him on Instagram, and his photo became one of his most-liked photos. 

In an interview, Jason addressed his controversial Instagram photo. 

He revealed that he posted that photo early in the morning and thought it was a good photo, so he posted it. 

But never in a million years had he thought that his photo would become one of his most liked photos up to afternoon. 

A lot of people said that his photo was photo-shopped. But Jason took it as a compliment. 

Jason Talked About Becoming A Father After Welcoming His Son

Jason was with his ex-girlfriend when she was pregnant. He was with her the whole time. 

He was mentally ready for his baby. But it did not take as long as he thought it would. 

He also revealed the dad trick he had already perfected. 

They also made some funny videos about the perks of being a dad for the first time. 

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