Who Is Jodean Bottom? Half-Sister Of Joaquin Phoenix

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Who Is Jodean Bottom? Half-Sister Of Joaquin Phoenix

Jodean Bottom is a half-sister of Joaquin Phoenix. She was born on February 29, 1964. 

She was born from Joaquin's father's affair with another woman. 

Since Joaquin is a famous actor, Jodean is well known to the public. 

Family of Jodean Bottom.
 Family of Jodean Bottom. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Jodean is the eldest one among her siblings. 

Although their parents were different, there was no difference in care and love among them. 

Their father was the same, but their mothers were different. 

Although she is not married, she has given birth to a beautiful daughter.

Hypnosis for quitting smoking?

Joaquin gave an interview to Jimmy Fallon’s late night show where he talked about his smoking habit, movie and being in talk shows. The interview started with Joaquin and Jimmy recalling 6 years ago past memory. 6 years back Joaquin was invited in Jimmy’s show and at that time they both had bad habits. Joaquin was addicted to smoking and Jimmy was drinking a lot of soda and they told each other that if they won’t be able to come over their addiction they meet in that same show and they met. Jimmy asked Joaquin if he has managed to leave his addiction or not. Joaquin told that he is still trying and now he is trying hypnosis to quit smoking. He took hypnosis session an hour before coming to the interview. Jimmy opened up that his dads also got hypnotise and then he left smoking completely. Joaquin told that being hypnotist is very easy because all they have to be is boring to a hypnotist. He got really bored while he was doing the session. The person was talking really slow and he was getting so bored. He was talking hypnosis through the computer online. After hearing to Joaquin, Jimmy told him that the hypnotist might be an actor. After that Jimmy asked Joaquin about being in talk show and why he doesn’t like that. Joaquin is not much interest in giving interviews and he was not even enjoying Jimmy’s talk show but he was acting to like being there in front of so many peoples and so many lighting. As an actor he has to pretend liking it and he was acting on Jimmy’s show too. After that Jimmy and Joaquin talked about Joaquin’s new movie Joker. Jimmy told about his favorite part of movie where Joaquin goes to the comedy club and he doesn’t get any joke. He doesn’t laugh when he should but laughs at the wrong time and that part was loved by Jimmy.


Jodean is 58 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jodean is unavailable. But her brother Joaquin's net worth is $60 million.

About Her Brother Joaquin 

Joaquin was born on October 28, 1974, in America.

He is a multitalented actor who has been involved in multiple sectors as a singer, voice actor, film producer, street artist, screenwriter, rapper, environmentalist, and Tv producer

Jodean Bottom's brother, Joaquin Phoenix.
Jodean Bottom's brother, Joaquin Phoenix. Source: Instagram

Joaquin Quit After Some Starting

Joaquin is a great artist. He is known for his acting in movies. He has been working in the film industry since 1986.

The first movie in which he played was Space Camp. He was a young kid who had to learn about astronomy. 

He had started his acting career through series. 

He got his first main character role in the movie Russkies in 1987. 

The movie was about the war between the United States and the Soviet Union

He played in the drama movie Parenthood. The movie had unbelievable earnings. The total budget used for the drama was $20 million. Shockingly $126 million was collected at the box office. 

The drama was related to comedy, so people loved it so much. It was his starting career phase and best-earning movie. 

Although the movie got to the hype, Phoenix didn't get any offers from other movies. 

So he went to Mexico with his dad to learn the Spanish language and returned to America after a few years. 

His brother River had told him that he should again start his journey of acting. 

Joaquin knew he wouldn't get any offers quickly, so he didn't care about acting. 

In 1993 his brother River Phoenix died due to an overdose of drugs outside a nightclub named The Viper Room in Los Angeles.

Joaquin was also there with him, but he could not save him. He called an emergency number for help, but it was too late. 

The media took advantage of the call records and published them in front of the public. 

After the death of River, they got many questions from the media that disturbed their personal life too much. 

Due to such conditions, they left America and shifted to Costa Rica.

Return To His Profession

Right back after two years, he returned to his acting journey. Since that day, he has played in many movies and dramas like Clay Pigeons, Gladiator, The Yards, Buffalo Soldiers, It's all about love, and many more. 

All these movies and dramas brought success to his career.  

In 2019 his most successful and favorite movie for the audience was Joker

He took many risks for that role. He had to lose 52 pounds.

The Joker movie was created for $55 million and collected $1.074 billion at the box office. 

It was the highest-earning movie in his career. He was rewarded with his first Oscar award for the movie.

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