Who Is Joe Freeman? Son Of Martin Freeman

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Who Is Joe Freeman? Son Of Martin Freeman

Joe Freeman is the son of actor Martin Freeman. His mother is Amanda Abbington, who is an actress

His parents separated in 2016 after being together for more than 15 years. He has a sister named Grace

Joe Freeman's mom and dad.
Joe Freeman's mom and dad. Source: Irish Mirror

Following The Footsteps Of His Parents

Joe is not a kid anymore. He is 17 now. Like his parents, he is starting his career in the industry. 

He is cast in the stage musical 'Everyone is Talking about Jamie' inspired by the 2011 documentary Jamie: Drag Queen at 16

He is going to be a drag queen in the show. 

His mother is very supportive and even bought him some heels and dresses from a shop owned by a former drag queen, but his father is against his womanish preference. 

His school and classmate also bully him for his choices. Despite all bullying, he is determined to follow his dream of being a drag queen.

Is Martin Dating Anyone?

Martin is in a relationship with French actress and writer Racheal Mariam. She is 22 years younger than him. 

They have been dating each other for two years. They don’t share children. 


Joe was born in 2006, and her current age is 17.

Net Worth

Joe's father's net worth is estimated to be $20 million

Martin Talked About The Difference Between British And American Actors

Martin said that most British actors attend drama school and do a lot of theatres. He noted that in some cases, the attitude is different. 

He said that if a five pages scene is given to an actor, he won’t be able to deliver that scene well unless and until they have done a lot of plays in the past. 

He said some actors might have done one, two, or three lines at a time in movies and TV; for him, it can be a problem. 

He added that the British actors were not good professionals at acting, but they were a bit more steeped in theatre.

Martin Does Not Like Being Recognized At Public Toilets

Martin shared an incident being recognized in the weirdest place. 

At that time, he was working in the show The Office, and he was at the urinal when two boys noticed him and peeked into him. 

Martin Almost Lost His Role As The Hobbit

Marin shared that Peter Jackson waited for him to make 'The Hobbit ' with him. 

He said that he was contracted to Sherlock Holmes, and they shot for a couple of series. They wanted to move to another season quickly, which would cross the schedule he had managed for shooting The Hobbit

He said that he could not go to New Zealand to do the movie because of his commitment to Sherlock makers. 

He said it came to a point that he had to say no to the movie. He added it was not a great day for him as he had to say goodbye to such an iconic role. 

He said Peter Jackson contacted his agent and told him that he would wait five months for him. 

Peter agreed to reschedule the movie. He said he was grateful to him. 

Freeman Talked About His Chemistry With Benedict Cumberbatch

Martin and Benedict were co-stars in Sherlock Holmes. 

Martin said that Ben was perfect for a match for the show. He said they got along with each other instantly. 

He said they even played table tennis in the room where they were shooting. 

He said he never predicted that they would have such great chemistry, but in the end, he was proud of it. 

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