Who Is Joe Locke? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Mon Apr 25 2022 Updated On Sat Sep 10 2022
Who Is Joe Locke? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Joe Locke is a British actor best known for his movie Heartstopper. He is also a social media influencer.

His birthday is on 28 September. His mother's name is Helen Locke.

He is Libra by his horoscope. He is English by his nationality. 

Joe Locke with his mother Helen Locke
Joe Locke with his mother, Helen Locke Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Joe does not have a girlfriend. 

Joe Locke
Joe Locke Source: Instagram


Joe is 19 years old. His height is 1.73 meters.

Net Worth

His net worth of Joe is $500000. His main source of income is a professional actor.

Is Joe Gay Or Straight?

Joe has appeared as gay in the series Heartstopper. 

He played the role of a gay teen in the movie, and he played it naturally. 

Hence he was supposed to be gay by most of his fans. 

He has never come in front of the media revealing his sexuality, nor has he ever been seen in a relationship with any boyfriend or girlfriend.

Joe Learned About Himself More

Joe played the role of Charlie in the series Heartstopper.

When asked about what he learned or experienced while playing the role, he revealed that he learned more things about his life. 

He expressed that he was always an extrovert guy. But being an extrovert, he was not always himself. 

He has always been insecure about his true self, true dress-up, or certain behavior. 

But being on the set with amazing and open people, he revealed that he felt that he did not need to be someone else. 

Instead, he should not stay away from his comfortability, his dress-ups or his way of style. 

He has realized that he is his priority, and he needs to know himself first and be himself in front of everyone and not act like any other person. 

He realized that he was good the way he was.

Joe Was Never Bullied

Joe plays the role of a gay guy named Charlie in his series, where he is always bullied for his sexuality, and he is scared to go in front of a certain group of people or a certain part of school because he knows the bullies are there. 

But he revealed in an interview that he was never bullied in his school. 

He has not experienced such a situation in his life. But according to him, living the life of Charlie, he did learn things about bullying. 

He expressed that bullying is not just about sexuality; if people are different, they get bullied. 

According to Joe, anyone under a so-called ideal society's norms is bullied. 

He also expressed that besides bullying, some people also celebrate their specialty, which is good.

Joe Thinks Diversity Is Good

Joe gave an interview where he said that what he thinks is diversity should not be an argument in any show. 

He expressed that diversity is good for any show or place. 

He gave an example of their show and said they had created a brilliant show for different ethnicities. 

He also expressed that diversity adds new elements to any show because of the actors and crew's originality and the group they belong to. 

He also revealed that the more diverse people are, the more reality and talent come into the show. 

Diversity also brings down different perspectives and ideas to the show, which can help the show be brilliant and grow even more. 

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