Who Is Joel Allen? Father Of Josh Allen

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Who Is Joel Allen? Father Of Josh Allen

Joel Allen is the father of Josh Allen, an American football quarterback. He is married to LaVonne Allen.

They have four children: Josh Makenna, Nicala, and Jason.

Family of Joel Allen.
Family of Joel Allen. Source: Instagram

As A Supportive Father

Joel and LaVonne Allen are very supportive parents. They have been very supportive of Josh's football career. 

Josh grew up in California with his siblings; his parents have always supported him. 

His dad, Joel, is a farmer, and they have been working together on the farm since Josh was a kid. 

His mom, Lavonne, used to run a restaurant and later gave it up to support Josh’s football travel. 

Both of Josh's parents were active in sports, and they even coached youth teams. 

They were always involved in their kids’ sports activities. Before joining the NFL, Josh played college football at the University of Wyoming

His dad even sang the national anthem at one of his college games. 

Now, they attend Josh’s NFL games and have been his most prominent supporters throughout his journey to becoming an NFL quarterback. 

They are very proud of their son’s success. 

Joel Allen with his wife and son.
Joel Allen with his wife and son. Source: Instagram

Son's Relationship

Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld, a famous American singer, started seeing each other in May 2023

It happened after the rumors of Josh breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Williams

They haven’t officially confirmed their relationship but have been on dates, and Hailee has spent time with Josh’s mother. 

In August 2023, Josh was on a podcast, but he didn’t say if he and Hailee were dating, but he didn’t mind the hosts calling Hailee his girlfriend. 

They were first spotted together in New York City. They were seen on another outing with friends a couple of days later. 

It was later confirmed that they were dating and having fun. They had a sushi date in NYC and posed for photos with the chef. 

They are still dating, but Josh is busy with football training. 

During an Interview, Josh expressed surprise that people cared about their relationship and mentioned that photographers invaded their privacy. 

Hailee went shopping with Josh’s mom and posed for a photo at a Bill's store. 

They attended a Buffalo Sabres hockey game together. 


Joel's age is not public yet, but his son Josh was born on May 21, 1996. He is 27 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Joel's son Josh's net worth is about 14 million dollars.

Josh Was Angry For Losing The Game 

Josh's talked about the Buffalo Bills's recent loss to the Cincinnati Bengals

He said that the team had a hard time gaining yards and scoring points, and one of the reasons for their loss was a mistake in their play. 

He also mentioned the values of his teammates and coaches and believes they can improve and do better in the future.

Josh Allen was angry because the referees penalized him for how he threw the ball in their game against the Cincinnati Bengals

He thought his teammate Gabriel Davis would run far, but Davis stopped, and that caused the problem. 

If the referees had thought it was just a regular incomplete pass, the Bills could have attempted to score points with a long kick before halftime. 

But because they penalized Josh for how he threw the ball, the Bills couldn’t try that kick, and Josh thinks this made it harder for them to win. 

Ultimately, it was a frustrating night for Josh Allen and the Bills. They also lost more games this season than they did last season.

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