Who Is Joel Desrouleaux? Father Of Jason Derulo

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Who Is Joel Desrouleaux? Father Of Jason Derulo

Joel Desrouleaux is the father of American singer Jason Derulo. He is married to Jocelyne Desrouleaux. 

Joel and his wife together have two children, sons. Joel was born in America

He is an American citizen.

Joel Desrouleaux's wife and son.
Joel Desrouleaux's wife and son. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jason 

Jason is not married to anyone currently. But he was dating Jena Frumes till 2021.

They started their relationship in March 2020

Although a pandemic hit the time, it was the ex-wife's best time for them to be together. 

They stayed together in quarantine and spent maximum time with each other. 

They together gave birth to their son Jason King

But after four months of the birth of their baby, they decided to choose their way apart. 

They thought that it was best for them not to be together so that they could explore their individual self. 

They did say that they would be great parents.

Jason Derulo with his ex-partner and son.
Jason Derulo with his ex-partner and son. Source: Instagram


His son Jason is 32 years old. His height is 6 feet.

Net Worth

His son Jason has a net worth of $16 Million.

Joel Desrouleaux's wife and children.
Joel Desrouleaux's wife and children. Source: Instagram

Is Jason A Cheater And A Liar?

Jason and his girlfriend, Jena, split up after 18 months together. They broke up, and it was all normal. 

But a hater came into Jena’s Instagram, calling her a whore. Jena’s reply then changed everything. 

Jena said that she and Jason were thinking of getting married. But it was Jason who cheated on her. 

She didn’t disclose anything in detail, but she wrote that she was really disrespected and often lied to by Jason.

She decided she was fine by herself rather than staying in a toxic relationship.

King Is Jason’s Biggest Fan

Jason’s son King is just a year old and has not developed all his senses to date. 

But still, he seems to be a great fan of his father’s music. 

According to Jason, an interview with Access revealed that the little boy reacts to his songs whenever it is played, and he seems to enjoy them. 

Moreover, Jason also said that he had done three recording sessions with his son. 

Not just the boy enjoys the music, but he sometimes responds to the music with some sounds. 

Jason revealed that he keeps his son’s sounds in his music sometimes.

Jason Bought A Pet Monkey

Jason loves his son more than anything and often posts pictures and videos of him. 

Moreover, he calls his son his greatest sunshine of life, and his dreams are now connected to the boy. 

Jason once posted a picture of his son with a pet monkey. 

Rumors then started to spread that Jason bought a per monkey for his son. 

But Jason revealed that it was not a pet monkey, and he had not bought it. 

It was a monkey from an animal shelter that his friend owns, and it was just brought to his home for some projects with many other content creators.

Jason Escaped Death

Jason used to work out quite less before the accident, but after the accident, the singer became a fitness freak. 

He was doing his rehearsal for the shows when he fell into an accident.

He broke his vertebra and landed on his head, which affected his neck. 

He did walk to the side by himself, but what the doctors told him shocked him. 

Doctors told him he was lucky enough to escape paralysis and even death. 

In most cases, people encountering those accidents either cannot move or die. 

It took way long for Jason to fully recover, but he did recover completely. 

What he expressed was that his workout made him escape the worst scenario. 

Hence, he is now seen doing more workouts than ever. He is seen in the gym more than anywhere. 

The accident really changed him a lot.

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