Who Is Joelle Anoa'i? Daughter Of Roman Reigns

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Joelle Anoa'i is the daughter of Roman Reigns, who is an American wrestler. Her mom is Galina Becker, a fitness model.

Her nickname is Jojo.

Parent's Relationship 

Roman is married to Galina Becker

They met in 2007 at the Georgia Institute of Technology and married in 2014 in a traditional Samoan ceremony. 

Galina was a track and field athlete, and Roman played football in college. 

They have five children together, including a daughter named Joelle and two sets of twins. 

Despite Roman’s wrestling career keeping him busy, he prioritizes spending time with his wife and kids. 

They had to get creative with date nights, incorporating activities like manicures and pedicures. 

Roman temporarily stepped away from WWE in 2020 at the start of the pandemic to keep his family safe, as he is considered immunocompromised due to being a cancer survivor. 

Roman has been diagnosed with leukemia twice, first in 2007 and then in 2018, but he went into remission both times. 

He values the support of his wife, family, and WWE fans during challenging times. 

Overall, the couple’s relationship is described as solid and his wife is supportive of Roman values and the importance of family in his life. 

Parents of Joelle Anoa'i.
Parents of Joelle Anoa'i. Source: Pinterest

Roman Is A Good Dad

Jojo was born on December 14th, 2008

Her birthday estimation is based on Roman’s historic WWE World Heavyweight Championship win on December 14th, where he dedicated the victory to his daughter. 

Roman has been a part of the Take Time to Be a Dad campaign, valuing the importance of fatherhood. 

He often shares moments with his family on social media, expressing love for his daughter and wife. 

On occasions like Valentine's Day, Roman publicly expresses affection for Galina, showcasing their strong relationship. 


Joelle was born on December 14th 2008. She is 14 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Joelle's father's Roman net worth is about $20 million

Joelle Anoa'i with her parents.
Joelle Anoa'i with her parents. Source: Instagram

Roman Impending Royal Rumble Defense

Roman recently defended his WWE Universal Championship on November 4, defeating LA Knight at Crown Jewe

He’s scheduled for three upcoming WWE SmackDown events leading to the Royal Rumble.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests a few potential opponents for Reigns

One possibility is Randy Orton, who returned from injury at Survivor Series

Randy teamed up with others in a WarGames match and won a single game against Dominik Mysterio on WWE Raw

Other potential opponents are LA Knight and Kevin Owens, though Knight's plans may have changed. 

Roman has a deep-rooted history with Owens and previously faced him at the Royal Rumble

The final decision on Roman’s Royal Rumble opponent is yet to be confirmed. 

From Mishaps To Mastery In Wrestling And Life 

In a Podcast, Roman opened up about various aspects of his life. 

He shared a mishap at a dinner party, accidentally injuring his thumb with a sharp blade. 

Roman also discussed hospital visits for stitches from a boxing injury and addressed health issues like a thyroid problem. 

He talked about his love for sea gear and boxing and how his workout routine contributes to his wrestling fitness. 

The conversation delves into the significance of big names like Roman in the WWE, highlighting his role in entertaining and connecting with fans. 

Roman values the value of mastering the industry and encourages aspiring athletes. 

He candidly talked about challenges in empathy and communication, especially with family. 

Roman reflected on his 2015 heel turn, detailing how it improved his wrestling skills. 

The podcast explored Roman’s experiences with rivals, notably Brock Lesnar's values and respect for Lesnar's toughness. 

A potential Wrestlemania match is teased, adding excitement. 

The podcast concludes with a thoughtful discussion on professional wrestling, family dynamics, and the pursuit of success, providing listeners with a glimpse into Roman’ personal and professional journey. 

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