Who Is Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel? Son Of Heidi Klum

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Who Is Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel? Son Of Heidi Klum

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel is the son of supermodel Heidi Klum and singer-songwriter Seal. 

He is an American celebrity kid.

Johan is the third child of his mother and the second biological child of his father.

He has one elder brother named Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu and a younger sister named Lou Sulola Samual

He has one half-sister from his mother's side. He is an enthusiastic kid keenly interested in martial arts.

His nationality is American, and he belongs to mixed ethnicity. His ethnicity is German, Nigerian, and Brazilian ancestry.

Parent's Married Life

Heidi and Seal met each other for the first time in the lobby of a New York City hotel.

Heidi was already impressed by him at first sight. She was fascinated by him at their first met. 

The feeling was mutual for Seal as well. The couple eventually started dating each other.

But Heidi was expecting a baby with her ex while dating Seal

Seal was unknown about her pregnancy since they did not meet for a month.

Seal realized that Heidi was pregnant after they finally met. 

Though he came to know about her pregnancy news, he did not stop loving her. 

He decided to accept her along with her unborn baby through the process of adoption.

The couple got married on a Mexican Beach on May 10, 2005. Together they had three children.

But the couple split up after seven years of marriage due to several reasons.

Parents of Johan Riley Fyodor.
Parents of Johan Riley Fyodor. Source: Instagram


Johan was born on 22nd November 2006. Currently, he is 15 years old

His height is 4 feet 5 inches, and he weighs around 36 kg.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Heidi is $160 million

Her source of income is through professional songwriting, model, producer, actor, TV host, businesswoman, and fashion designer.

Similarly, the estimated net worth of Seal is $40 million. He earns through singing and writing songs.

Reason Behind His Long Name

Johan Riley is the second-born child of his parents.  

His name is too long compared to other names.

But it is interesting to know that this name has some alluring meanings.

Johan is the Nordic-German version of Johannes which means "The Lord is gracious." 

Riley is Irish, which means "small stream or creek." Similarly, Fyodor is the Russian word for "God’s gift."

And finally, Taiwo is from Yoruba, which means "to smell/taste the world." His last name Samuel is his surname.

Why His Parents Got Separated?

The love story of Heidi and Seal was no less than a fairytale. 

The couple married each other despite Heidi being pregnant with her ex.

But the couple separated after seven years of their marriage in 2014. 

The reason behind their divorce was long distance.

The couple had to stay away from each other as Seal was busy with his work. 

Heidi was frustrated by taking care of their children alone as Seal was busy most of the time.

Seal's temper issue was the reason for their separation.

The couple could not handle their relationship and decided to split up.

Though they have separated, both are equally involved in parenting and nurturing their children.

Heidi Criticized For Body-Shaming And Bullying A Dancer

Heidi was criticized after buzzing for a dancer during her performance on America’s Got Talent.

The name of the dancer was Amanda. She was demotivated by a dance studio director when she was younger. 

Her body type was considered a misfit for his team. But she was passionate about dancing

Her only dream was to become a good dancer, even after being rejected previously. 

When she performed on America’s Got Talent, all the audiences of the show were already impressed by her performance. 

Still, Heidi pressed the buzzer during her performance, expressing dissatisfaction with her act.

The judgment made by Heidi during her performance was considered inappropriate by most people.

Heidi's decision was unliked by most people. Many people accused her of body shaming that girl.

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