John Alexander

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John Alexander

John Alexander is the father of Canadian-American actress, cookbook author and cooking TV personality Ayesha Curry

John's married to Carol Alexander. He is of mixed African-American ethnicity. 

He has five children with Carol. His children are Chad, Jaz, Janiece, Maria and Ayesha.

John is American by his nationality.

Relationship Status Of Ayesha Curry 

Ayesha is married to Steph Curry. They both met each other as teenagers in 2002. They both were a member of a church youth group. 

While they were in high school, Ayesha was not permitted to date. 

After they completed high school, they both parted ways for building their career. 

Steph started to pursue his career in basketball, and Ayesha went for her acting career. They started dating in 2008

They got engaged in 2010. A year after engagement, the couple decided to get married, and they took their wedding vows in 2011

After that, they soon became parents. They welcomed their first child daughter a year after their marriage. 

In 2015, they gave birth to their second daughter. In 2018, they gave birth to a son. They are happily living with their children.

Ayesha with her husband
Ayesha with her husband  Source: Instagram 

About Ayesha Curry  

Ayesha's full name is Ayesha Disa Curry who is a Canadian-American actress, cookbook author and cooking TV personality, born on March 23, 1989.

She dreamed about being an actress, and at the age of 12, she also acted in a music video. 

She started her cooking career as a blogger after her marriage. Then she started her show. 

She is well known for her show Ayesha's Homemade. Before hosting her show, she had appeared in many TV shows and movies. 

Ayesha has also released her cookbook named "The Seasoned Life."

John Alexander wife and daughter
John Alexander wife and daughter  Source: Instagram


Ayesha is 32 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Ayesha is $10 Million. Her source of income is acting, writing and singing.

John's Daughter Faced Trouble Because Of Her Race.

Ayesha, one of the famous TV stars and is from a mixed culture. 

Her mother belongs to Jamaican-Chinese descent, and her dad belongs to African-American descent. 

Because of that, she belonged to a mixed race. 

When she moved to North Caroline, things started to get hard for her as people wanted to know from where she belonged. 

She was black-skinned, making her feel that her own community doesn't want to accept her. 

When people asked her about her race, she had no answer. That thing hurt her the most. 

Ayesha Got Judged For Her Appearance

Back in time, Ayesha posted a photo of her in two-piece swimsuit. Her that photo created a lot of controversies. 

She was judged for posting those photos, and also called a hypocrite as in 2015, she tweeted saying that women nowadays show off their skin and they hardly put on their clothes, but she prefers to keep it covered. 

Many fans of her praised her as she maintained her body after giving birth to three children but on the other hand her some of the fans were offended with her two-piece photo as she tweeted that she likes to cover it, but in that photo, she was proudly showing off her body. 

She even got many negative comments from her fan. 

In those comments, it was said that Ayesha is doing what she had a problem seeing other women do.

Family of Ayesha Curry
Family of Ayesha Curry  Source: Instagram 

Ayesha Had A Worst Valentine's Day

In Feb 2021, Ayesha and her husband planned for a romantic date on the occasion of Valentine's Day

The couple had planned something very special for that day. But things didn't go as they planned. 

Their date wasn't that romantic as they expected. Ayesha and her husband were watching movies and chilling with each other having fun and enjoying each other's company. 

But their fun changed into a bad moment as Ayesha cut her hand with a champagne bottle. 

They were supposed to make beautiful memory on that day, but they had horrible memory. 

Ayesha was immediately given medical treatment after she injured her hand. She had many stitches in that wound. 

Ayesha posted about her injury through her social media account. Their Valentine's Day got ruined because of that incident. 

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