Who Is John de Jong? Father Of Frenkie de Jong

by Sushant Sat Sep 24 2022 Updated On Thu Oct 20 2022
Who Is John de Jong? Father Of Frenkie de Jong

John de Jong is famous for being the father of professional football player Frenkie de Jong

He's a resident of the Netherlands.

John de Jong with his son, Frenkie de Jong.
John de Jong with his son, Frenkie de Jong. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

John is a married to Marjon Schuchhard-De Brujin

The couple has given birth to two children, Frenkie de Jong and Youri de Jong, where Frenkie is the elder. 

Children of John de Jong.
Children of John de Jong. Source: Instagram

Are Both His Son Engaging On Football?

Both of his sons are involved in football. 

Frenkie is already a professional football player who plays for La Liga club Barcelona, but his younger brother Youri is still playing for the academy. 

Opinion Of Frankie's Family And Agent

According to Frankie's  Mom and Dad, he has been fond of playing football since childhood. 

His agent said that the biggest club in Europe was interested in Frenkie. 

Before joining Barcelona, Frenkie had shared his thought with his mom about joining Barcelona. 

She said yes, and that's a really good choice. 

She knew he was a fan of Lionel Messi, so she preferred him to join Barcelona. 

His girlfriend, Mikky Kiemeney also described him as a spontaneous, sweet, and enthusiastic player.

Relationship Of Mikky Kiemeney And Frenkie 

Mikky and Frenkie started dating each other in 2014. They were engaged on July 2022. 

Frenkie proposed to her on the trip to Mexico in the desert. 

Mikky Kiemeney and Frenkie de Jong.
Mikky Kiemeney and Frenkie de Jong. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

The age and net worth of John are under review. Instead, The net worth of Frenkie is $12 million

He was bought for a fee of $1 million by Ajax.

After that, Barcelona bought him from the dutch club Ajax for a fee of $74.8 million in 2019

Introduction Of Frenkie 

Frenkie was born on 12 May 1997 in Gorinchem, Netherlands. 

Currently, he plays for the La Liga club Barcelona and the national team of the pre-seasonNetherland. He is a midfielder by position.  

Seven-Second Challenge Between Griezmann And Frenkie 

Griezmann and Frenkie play from the same La Liga club Barcelona. 

They played a game with the rule where they asked a question to each other and had to answer it within seven seconds immediately. 

The first question went for Frenkie by Griezmann as three current players who have played in over 20 Clasicos. 

Frenkie answered it with the name of Pique, Messi, and Sergio. Answering the questions lets Frenkie earn a score. 

The next question that went to Griezmann was four french players who played in EI Clasico.

He answered as Abidal, Henry, Giuly, and Griezmann himself. 

The third question went for Frenkie as of four Dutch players who have joined EI Clasico. 

Frenki answered as Johan, Patrick Kluivert, Marc Overmars and Frank De Boer. 

At last, Frenkie won the challenge with a score of 4, and Griezmann lost with a score of 2. 

Good Cook Beside A Footballer

Frenkie was invited to cook traditional cuisine in the kitchen of Barcelona.

Frenkie cooked cuttlefish meatballs and peas. The dish was also named sea and mountain. 

His favorite dish was sea bass. He prepared the shape of meatballs with his own hand. 

He had a helping hand too there while cooking the cuisine. They made a sofrito with fish stock and cuttlefish. 

He poured the peas into the frying meatballs. He usually doesn't cook food at home because of his girlfriend. 

He said she is a good cook and even cooks  Dutch food for him.

After the cuisine got cooked, he served it to himself.  

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