Who Is John Leslie McBride? Father Of Melissa McBride

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John Leslie McBride is the father of Melissa McBride, an American actress. His wife's name is Suzanne Lillian

John Leslie McBride's daughter Melissa McBride.
John Leslie McBride's daughter Melissa McBride. Source: Instagram

Melissa's Breakthrough From The Walking Dead

Melissa's full name is Melissa Suzanne McBride. She started her acting career in 1993

She appeared in TV shows like Walker, Texas Ranger, and The Walking Dead. 

Her most significant breakthrough came from The Walking Dead, playing Carol Peletier

Initially, she was supposed to have a small part, but her role got more prominent as the show continued. 

By 2020, she was one of the top actors in the show's credits.

Melissa was born in Lexington, Kentucky.

Her dad had his own business, and her mom studied acting the Pasadena Playhouse

She had three siblings: John Michael, Neil Allen, and Melanie Suzanne.

Melissa Won’t Be On New Spinoff Of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead series ended after 12 years, but the franchise continues with three new spinoff shows. 

One of these spinoffs will focus on the character Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus

Originally, Daryl was supposed to be accompanied by another character, Carol Peletier, but the actress Melissa had to step away from the project. 

Fans were surprised and disappointed by this decision.

Melissa, who played Carol, had been with the show from the beginning and fought to keep her character alive when the creators considered killing her. 

She was excited about the new spinoff but had to leave because it was too difficult to move to Europe for filming. 

AMC, the network behind The Walking Dead, said that Mellisa wouldn't be part of the new spinoff because moving to Europe was too challenging for her. 

They hope to see her return to the franchise in the future. 

Norman Reedus mentioned that Melissa needed a break after working on the show for over a decade. So Melissa won’t be in the new spinoff. 


John's daughter Melissa age is 58 years old.

Net Worth

Melissa's net worth is about $9 Million.

Is Melissa Leaving The Show Because Of Norman Reedus?

There were rumors, and some fans thought Norman Reedus was to blame for Melissa Mcbride leaving the show, and they criticized him online. 

But the assumptions were not true. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Neegan, defended Norman and said Melissa decided to leave alone. It was not Norman’s fault. 

Some people believe the new series was set in Europe because Norman’s girlfriend, Diane Kruger, is from Germany

However, Jeffrey Dean Morgan explained that the location choice was about the story and budget, not Norman’s personal life.  

AMC, the network behind the show, released a statement saying it was unfair to blame Norman for something he didn’t control. 

Melissa left because it was difficult for her to move to Europe, and it is not suitable to be angry at Norman

Mellisa Might Be Playing On The Walking Dead Spinoff

AMC is preparing to release a new spinoff of the The Walking Dead series in the fall of 2023

This spinoff is called The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and is focused on a character named Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus).

Initially, there were plans for Mellisa, to join him, but she decided not to be part of that spinoff at first. 

However, it seems things have changed. Jeffrey Dean Morgan posted a behind-the-scenes photo of Mellisa and Norman together. It is great to see them together again. 

The photo suggests that Mellisa might be part of The Walking Dead spinoff. 

While this has not been officially confirmed, the new spinoff will have other actors like Clemence Posey, Anne Charrier, and Adam Nagaitis

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