John Nesta Marley- Is Lauryn Hill Son Dating?

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John Nesta Marley- Is Lauryn Hill Son Dating?

John Nesta Marley is the son of American singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer Lauryn Hill. 

His father's name is Rohan Marley

He has eight siblings, including four half-siblings. He is an American Jamaican.

John Nesta Marley's mother, Lauryn Hill.
John Nesta Marley's mother, Lauryn Hill. Source: Instagram

Who Is John Dating?

John has not revealed his dating life. 

About John's Mom Lauryn 

Lauryn is an American singer, rapper, and record producer recognized as one of the best rappers. 

Besides singing and rapping, Lauryn has also shown her appearance in a movie. She was born to her parents, Valerie and Mal Hill

She grew up with her older brother in New Jersey. She is an American citizen

Married Life Of Lauryn 

Lauryn is currently unmarried but has been married once. Lauryn was previously married to Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley.

The couple married each other in 1996 and shares five children. The couple got divorced after thirteen years of marriage in 2009.

In 2011, Lauryn gave birth to her youngest son, but the father of her youngest child is unknown as she hasn't revealed about him. 

John Nesta Marley's father, Rohan Marley.
John Nesta Marley's father, Rohan Marley. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

John was born in the year 2003 and is currently 19 years old

His mother, Lauryn, has a net worth of $9 Million.

Lauryn Felt Creative

Lauryn is well known for being one of the greatest rappers of all time. 

She is also the mother of six children, and it's pretty impressive how Lauryn took her personal life and career along. 

In one of the interviews, Lauryn talked about her pregnancy and revealed that she felt very creative during her pregnancy days. 

Most women feel the opposite in their pregnancy days, but it was something else for Lauryn

She opened up that she was on her own most of the time during her pregnancy, and because of that, she felt more inspired and concerned about her and her baby's safety. 

Because of that sense of energy and creativity, she was able to push herself more during her pregnancy days. 

When she got pregnant with her first baby, she worked on her album and struggled a lot, but she learned to pick herself and fight for herself. 

Her ex-husband was also there to support her, which helped her focus on her creativity.

John Nesta Marley with his brother.
John Nesta Marley with his brother. Source: Instagram

Lauryn Was Accused Of Stealing

In 1998, Lauryn released one of the best albums, The Miseducation, which was awarded many prestigious awards. 

The same album that was written and released by Lauryn was accused of stealing. 

One of the pianists, Robert Glasper, accused Lauryn of stealing his friend‘s songs and using them in her album. 

Not only that, but he also reported an allegation against Lauryn, saying that she mistreated her musicians. 

For many years Lauryn didn’t speak about the allegation, but she finally came up and said that all those allegations made by Robert were false and she never stole anyone’s song. 

The whole album The Miseducation was about her creativity, and she denied treating poorly to her musicians who helped her with the album. 

Robert was also one of the musicians that Lauryn hired for her album, and according to Robert, she cut half the musicians' wages

Lauryn claimed she would never cut the half payment of the people who worked for her without valid legal reasons. 

Lauryn Is Always Late

Lauryn is among the most popular rappers, and because of her beautiful songs, she has many fans wanting to meet her. 

But she has a habit that is disliked by most of her fans; that is, Lauryn never shows up on time. 

Fans go crazy when they hear about Lauryn’s show, but they also hate when Lauryn show’s up late every time. 

In one of her shows in Atlanta, she showed up two hours late, and because of that, she got only 40 minutes to perform in front of her fans. 

She did ask for extra 10 minutes, but she was not allowed because of the curfew. 

Her fans got pissed at her because they waited so long for her and couldn’t even see her performing for a long time. 

Lauryn’s Daughter Accused Her

Lauryn has six children, and among them, five are from Rohan Marley.  

In 2020, her daughter Selah Marley accused her mother, Lauryn, of physically disciplining her and her other siblings. 

Selah was 20 years old when she talked about her mother. She spoke of her childhood trauma caused because of her mother on her Instagram. 

She later deleted her post, but the people who had already seen Selah's post blamed Lauryn for being such a harsh parent. 

According to Selah, her dad Rohan was not there for them, and they spent much of their time with their mother, and her mother used to physically discipline her and her siblings.

Rohan Marley Built A Coffee Empire To Honor His Legendary Dad

Rohan did not grow up in a musical household like his other brothers did. His mother Janet Hunt when she was 16 and while his father was still married to singer Rita Marley

According to him, his mother is not an artist neither her family comes from a musical background. He lived with his mother and paternal grandparents who were normal working people. 

Rohan built a coffee empire to honor his legendary dad saying that he could not inherit his father’s musical talents so he wanted to fulfill his father’s dream. His father dreamt of putting his passion for music into farming. 

Rohan was 27 when his friend contacted him about an opportunity to purchase a property in Jamaica

At the time, he had $200,000 in his pocket which he had received at the age of 12 in Royalties from his father’s music. 

When he visited the property, he was instantly captivated by the property and the river included in the property so he gave all his money and bought a 55 acres property. It was in 1999.  

After he bought the land, people came up to the property and Rohan asked the community what it was known for and they replied “Coffee”. He then asked if they knew anything about coffee. 

When the community said that they have been farming all their lives, he became sure that he wanted to do a coffee business, one that was organic. 

It was a long journey from there onwards from coffee growing ideas to building a coffee empire along with getting an export license, organic certification, and a coffee growers license on the way.

In 2009, he co-founded Marley Coffee. But the coffee business was not his first venture. In 2004, he created a clothing company and got into about 75 stores. 

He said the clothing line was his first move to the business where he learned a lot that led him to Marley Coffee

According to him, he came to a point where he was completely running out of money to produce the brand and eventually shut it down. 

He felt like a complete failure at the time because he already had a coffee farm and was trying to get a license to export which he was not getting. 

He had moved to America to play soccer but tore his hamstring on the team. He moved to Ethiopia in September 2007 and restarted his life focusing on his aim and purpose in life. 

While in Ethiopia, he learned about true spirituality, Christianity, Rastafari, and way of life, and doing all of that he was able to create a coffee company.

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