Who Is John Rose Jr? Father Of Anika Noni Rose

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John Rose Jr is the father of an American actress and singer, Anika Noni Rose. 

John is a corporate counselor by his profession. He is married to his wife, Claudia Rose.

He has two children, a son, and a daughter, with Claudia. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

About John's Daughter Anika 

Anika is an actress and singer. Anika is famous for her voice of Princess Tiana in the Disney show named The Princess and the Frog.

She was born in the year 1972 in Bloomfield, USA. Her parents raised her with her one and only brother. 

John Rose Jr's daughter Anika Noni Rose.
John Rose Jr's daughter Anika Noni Rose. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Anika 

Anika is currently married to her husband, Jason Dirden. They tied the knot in 2022, and a year before getting married, Anika was proposed to by Jason

The DJ was only the person who witnessed the proposal of Anika. Their wedding took place at Paramour Estate, Los Angeles.

Anika Noni Rose with her husband.
Anika Noni Rose with her husband. Source: Instagram

Anika met Jason in 2014, and they started dating after knowing each other. 

They started their relationship as friends and stayed connected, but somehow parted as they had a different path. 

Some years later, they again met and started dating each other. 

Anika and Jason successfully kept their relationship private from everyone, and when they were dating, the body knew about it. 

After getting married, Anika surprised everyone by opening up about her marriage with Jason. 

Colman Domingo was the one who officiated Anika and Jason's marriage. 

He also performed electric slides, which were beyond Anika's expectations. She had a great wedding and was very happy on that day.  

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter Anika is 50 years old. She has a net worth of $3 Million.

Anika Doesn’t Need To Get Into Line

Anika is a Disney princess, and her role play in Disney movies gained much fame. 

But with all the name and fame, she has also got a lot of advantages in Disney Land

She didn’t talk much about her projects or the secret meetings Disney held with special people like Anika, as it might tangle her in problems. 

But she did reveal that she can freely enter Disney Land without any land. She is treated especially whenever she visits there. 

She is taken to inside the amusement park from different entries with no lines. She can play whatever game and has no any restriction in the park.

Anika Is Adventurous While Eating

Anika revealed in an interview that she is a self-food critic. She likes to eat all kinds of tasty foods worldwide, but her favorite is Italian

She expressed that she was not the kind of person that ordered burgers or fries where ever she went. 

She doesn’t like eating the same set of foods everywhere. Instead, she wants to try the food local people eat, in the same place they eat and in the same way they eat. 

She revealed that she likes the adventure of getting the food, even with the language barrier. 

She managed to get food through the expression and point of her hand. She also revealed that she is allergic to nuts. 

So, she had learned to say nuts in many languages to avoid nuts as much as possible in her foods.

Anika Likes Vampire Movies

Anika plays a role in the vampire drama “Let the Right One In, where she is the mother of a vampire child, and the whole story is based on vampires and their families. 

She was asked about her thinking before she chose to play this movie as it was one of the unique movies. 

She then revealed that she was really into vampires from long ago. She always used to love vampire-related stuff and fiction. 

So being part of the movie was something she was ready for. She always dreams of playing the same kind of movie. 

The movie seemed severe, but she revealed that shooting was fun. 

She had a lot of fun with the cast and crew, especially the children in the movie, and she is too friendly.

Anika Went To A Historically Black College

Anika has gained a lot of name and fame by being the first black princess in a Disney movie and made many people proud. 

But she has always tried to be one of the proud black people and represent her community for a long time. 

She even went to Florida A & M University to study theater. She revealed that her grandmother and sisters looked at the same University. 

She also expressed that, at that University, she could gain a lot of knowledge and meet many black people with everyday purposes like her. 

She has made her community proud with her knowledge, talent, and hard work. 

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