Who Is John Sills? Father Of Josh Sills

by Manisha Thu Feb 09 2023 Updated On Mon Feb 13 2023
Who Is John Sills? Father Of Josh Sills

John Sills is the father of football player Josh Sills who plays as the offensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League

His wife is an X-ray technician and he remanufactures diesel engines. He is married to Kim Sills. They have a daughter too.

They are very supportive parents. His parents have not missed any of his matches to date. 

They have watched their son's game since he was nine

They were so dedicated to watching their son play that they drove over 232,000 miles on their 2013 Nissan Altima. 

Family of John Sills.
Family of John Sills. Source: MYNewsGH

Is Josh Dating Anyone?

Josh hasn’t spoken anything about his private life. So whether he is in a relationship or single is still a mystery to his fans.

Josh Is Charged With Rape And Kidnapping A Woman In Ohio

Josh was accused of raping a woman back in December 2019. The state attorney announced it on February 2023

This accusation could sideline him from playing in the upcoming Super bowl

The victim and Josh have been to high school together and have known each other for six-seven years. 

One night he forced her to perform a sexual act against her will. 

He said that he was dropping her at her cousin's house, and the incident occurred at that time. 

The crime was reported immediately after it took place, and Philadelphia Eagles were known of the legal matter he was involved in. 

The NFL players are put on an exempt commissary list for now. He is not allowed to practice and travel. 


John's son is 25 years old.

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional NFL player.

More Details About The Charge Against Eagles Player Josh

In 2019 Josh forced a woman to perform oral sex on him in his truck. He forced her to do so for around 20 minutes. 

He forced her so much that the woman was bruised on the back of her throat, inner lip, her ear, and the back of her left knee. 

The police also took photos of the injuries on the victim's body. 

The victim said that he grabbed her by the back of her neck and puller her on top of him. After raping her, he allowed her to go. 

Sills's attorney denied all the allegations made by the woman. Sills is supposed to be in court on February 16. 

John Sills's son Josh Sills.
John Sills's son Josh Sills. Source: People

Sills Professional Career

Sills was selected as an undrafted free agent by Philadelphia Eagles. Sills played in only one game and was a newbie. 

He appeared on several snaps in week five against the Arizona Cardinals. 

Sills was about to play in Super Bowl but was placed on the exempt list after the accusation of rape and kidnapping. 

Why Do John And His Wife Would Never Miss Their Son's Game?

John said their life had been in a suitcase for the past three months as they traveled back and forth. 

He said they pack their suitcase every Thursday and hit the roads of southeast Ohio to watch their son play. 

He added they drive over 232,000 miles in their mid-size car. They have been to 45 games by going in their car and flying to three games. 

They have been to every match, whether it was conference games, mom conference games, or bowl games. 

However, the toe has unfortunately missed one of Josh's matches. John said they live their son's dream by being by his side. 

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