Who Is Jon Eicholtz? Husband Of Barbara Eden

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Who Is Jon Eicholtz? Husband Of Barbara Eden

Jon Eicholtz is the husband of actress and singer Barbara Eden. He is an architect by profession. 

He is Barbara's third husband. He was married before, but his wife died due to cancer. So they tied the knot in 1991

They two have been married for more than three decades now. However, they do not share kids.

Jon Eicholtz with his wife, Barbara Eden.
Jon Eicholtz with his wife, Barbara Eden. Source: Instagram

How Did Barbara Meet Jon?

After separating from her second husband, Barbara was enjoying her single life for quite some time. 

In 1998 she came across her then-future husband. Barbara later revealed that it was not love at first sight for them. 

They went on multiple dates and had tons of conversations with each other about their life and work. Later they fell for each other. 

Their wedding ceremony was held in the presence of family and friends in Cathedral Church in San Fransisco

Barbara's Son Died of Drugs Overdose 

Barbara gave an interview on Oprah Winfrey's talk show where she talked about her son Matthew. Barbara got pregnant with her son in 1965

When she was pregnant, she was shooting for her sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie. She was pregnant and working at the same time. 

She had her baby bump, and she felt so special because she was the only one working while she was pregnant. She had to change her appearance because of her bump. 

Barbara revealed that welcoming Matthew was one of the most emotional and wonderful things that happened in her life. 

He was an adorable kid, but as time passed, things started changing, and Barbara got to learn one of the hardest secrets about her son. It happened when Matthew started going to his college. 

He was reading in City College, and one day Barbara noticed Matthew's books in the kitchen. She thought that Matthew had forgotten to take his book, so she rushed to his college to hand over the books. 

When she got there, she learned that her son was avoiding college. She was shocked to hear so she questioned Matthew about why he wasn't attending college. 

After hearing the question, Matthew got pissed, and he left the house. After that, Barbara's friend suggested her to take Matthew and get tested. 

Barbara asked Matthew if he was under substance abuse, but Matthew denied it. Matthew was just living a life running in and out of rehab, and suddenly he decided to be sober. 

After working on himself for so long, Matthew finally got sober, and he stayed like it for a year. But suddenly, in 2001, just a few months before his wedding, he died due to an overdose of drugs. 

Barbara was heartbroken to lose her son. He had a great sense of humor and used to tease him. Barbara has lots of good memories of her son, and she will hold on to those memories forever. 


His wife Barbara is 91 years old.

Net Worth

His wife Barbara's net worth is estimated to be $10 million. She has earned this fortune from her career as an actress and singer. 

Jon Eicholtz's wife Barbara Eden in her young days.
Jon Eicholtz's wife, Barbara Eden, in her young days. Source: Instagram

Barbara Faced Misogyny During Her Initial Days In Hollywood

When Barbara stepped into her acting career, she faced sexism in Hollywood

She told a magazine that she encountered a talent scout at Warner Bros when he showed an image of her daughter and suggested that she needed a bigger breast like her daughter. 

She said that offensive advice was shocking for her. 

She decided to be hopeful about her future and became a character actress. 

She again saw the same agent one and a half year later, and that agent asked her who she was. He said he didn’t remember her. 

Barbara Lost Her Son In 1971

Barbara's second child passed away before he made it to the world. Her second child died when he was months old in her womb. 

The tragic incident took a toll on her. She lost weight, and she was struggling with mental health. 

Later she was diagnosed with postpartum depression. She said that she didn’t know what was wrong with her. 

She added that she had a son and a loving husband but was still not doing fine mentally. 

She said at that time, seeing a psychiatrist was not in practice, so she did not seek medical help. 

She said her miscarriage affected her so much that it affected her marriage with Michael Ansara

Her depression from the miscarriage leads her to divorce Michael

Barbara's Mother Was Her Biggest Inspiration

Barbara was very close to her mother. Her mother inspired her to sing when she was young. 

She shared that she sang Gilbert and Sullivan lyrics when they did their dishes at night. 

She joined her mother and, eventually fell in love with singing, which became her passion. 

Her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away in 1986

Barbara's Son Matthew Struggled With Drug Addiction

Barbara shares a son with her late ex-husband Michael Ansara

In 1983 when she returned to Los Angeles, she was shocked to see her son's condition as he was unrecognizable. 

She later revealed that her son had been hiding his drug addiction from them for several years. 

Matthew started taking drugs at the age of ten. One of her neighbors who grew Marijuana in his house introduced drugs to Matthew

She teamed up with Michael to help her son eliminate his drug addiction, and they sent him to rehab. 

But his addiction was not solved quickly. Finally, Barbara told her son that if he was going to take drugs, there was no room for him in her house. 

So, Matthew left the house and became homeless. In 2001 Matthew died from a heroin overdose. 

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