Who Is Jon Tsouras? Partner Of John Partridge

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Who Is Jon Tsouras? Partner Of John Partridge

Jon Tsouras is the partner of actor, singer, dancer, panelist, and television presenter John Partridge. Jon is also an actor and singer.

They got married in September 2011. They dated long before they got married.

His mother's name is Linda Tsouras, and his father's is not yet revealed.

Family of Jon Tsouras.
Family of Jon Tsouras. Source: Instagram

John Talked About His Struggle To Care Of His Mother 

John's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Dementia

They had to take her out of the home and give her the medical attention she needed. 

But the treatment was costly, and they could not afford her medical bills. 

He shared that he came from a humble family background. 

They sold the house they had in Manchester for 75,000 pounds in 2010

Jon Tsouras with his mother-in-law.
Jon Tsouras with his mother-in-law. Source: Instagram

He revealed that her average cost per year was around 40,000 pounds. He said he looked after her for a very long time. 

He added they faced a financial crisis but did their best to provide her the treatment and care. 

He said it was heartbreaking to let their home be sold to someone else. It was the only thing his mother had for her entire life, and now it was gone. 

He said his mother died with a zero balance in her bank account. She passed away in 2017.


Jon is 41 years old.

Net worth

Jon's partner's net worth is estimated to be $1.6 million

John Shared His Experience Of Winning Celebrity MasterChef

John won celebrity MasterChef on April 13, 2018, and his mother passed away on April 13, 2017.

In an interview, he said that when he went to the show's finale, he had his mom was supporting him like an angel the whole time. 

He said he took her wooden spoon with him as his lucky charm. He said it was a monumental day for him. 

He revealed why he decided to go to the show. 

He said he used to cook to distract himself, and one day he saw the show on TV and called his manager, telling him that he wanted to do the show. 

He mentioned when he was cooking on the show, he recalled all his memories, which he shared with his mother, and relived those moments again. 

He said the Masterchef show allowed him to discuss his cancer and addiction openly. 

John Talked About His Sobriety Journey

John said that he was embarrassed to call himself an addict and struggled to talk openly about his addiction. 

He said he was always in denial, and he sought help. 

He went to rehab for a short period, and he not only drank but also took drugs. 

He said he was ashamed that he couldn’t handle the situation and could not share it with the people. 

He added he didn’t have hard rock bottom as he figured out things himself and got back. 

He said his partner Jon had a positive impact on his sobriety journey. 

Jon Tsouras with his partner, John Partridge.
Jon Tsouras with his partner, John Partridge. Source: Instagram

He shared that when someone asked Jon about his addiction, Jon said that he always believed that he could, but he never thought that he would, and that statement broke his heart. 

He revealed that he was happy when drunk and dealing with addiction, but he was never the proper version of himself. 

He said he was never mean to Jon, and most of the time, they were not together because he was also struggling with addiction, and now Jon was sober like him. 

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