Who Is Jonathan Wiedemann? Ex-Husband Of Isabella Rossellini

by Manisha Sun Mar 05 2023 Updated On Sun Mar 12 2023
Who Is Jonathan Wiedemann? Ex-Husband Of Isabella Rossellini

Jonathan Wiedemann is the ex-husband of Italian-American actress and model Isabella Rossellini

They tied the knot in 1983 and decided to part ways in 1986.

They have a daughter together named Elettra Ingrid. Jonathan was Rossellini's second husband. Previously, she was married to Martin Scorsese

Jonathan Wiedemann's ex-wife and their daughter, Elettra Ingrid.
Jonathan Wiedemann's ex-wife and their daughter, Elettra Ingrid. Source: Instagram

Isabella Has A Twin Sister

Isabella has a fraternal twin named Isotta Rossellini. She has two other sisters too. 

She said they don’t have identical faces but had the same voices. 

She added she helped her twin sister a lot when she was young. 

She said her twin was shy and didn’t use to talk to people. She used to talk to other people on her behalf over phone calls. 

She added anywhere her voice was needed; she always helped her. But she shared they still had the same voice as they got older. 

She mentioned they were dressed the same for a very long time. 

When they turned 12 years old, their parents decided that now they should look different, so they cut their hair with different hairstyles and started dressing up differently. 


His ex-wife Isabella is 70 years old

Net Worth

His ex-wife Isabella's net worth is estimated to be $50 million.

Jonathan Wiedemann with his ex-wife, Isabella Rossellini.
Jonathan Wiedemann with his ex-wife, Isabella Rossellini. Source: Pinterest

Isabella Has A Great American Accent

Isabella was born in Rome and is of Swedish and Italian descent

She was raised in Rome, and at 19, she moved to New York City and started working as a television reporter

At the age of 28, she started her career as a model. Isabella has a pleasant accent. 

In an interview, she said that people used to complain that if one doesn’t have a good accent, it would be difficult for the person to get films as the accent would limit the roles. 

She said she speaks English perfectly. However, she said she worked hard with her dialect coach to identify the differences she made while speaking. 

She mentioned she tried her best to do the accent. She imitated what an American accent sounds like. 

Isabella talked about how modeling has changed since 1980.

Isabella Comes From The Family Of Entertainment Business

Isabella's mother was a Swedish actress, and her father was a film director. She said that her grandfather was a photographer.

Now her kids, Elettra and Roberto, are in the modeling field. 

 Jonathan Wiedemann with his daughter, Elettra Ingrid.
Jonathan Wiedemann with his daughter, Elettra Ingrid. Source: Pinterest

She added that her daughter is also on the way to publishing her cookbook, and her son Roberto is a photographer like his grandfather. 

She said that modeling runs in her family. 

Isabell Was Removed As The Face Of Lancome At The Age Of 43

Isabella worked as an exclusive spokesmodel for the French cosmetic brand Lancome from 1982 to 1990

She said the brand executive noted that women dream of being young, so they should advertise someone young. 

She was 43 years old at that time. So they replaced her with a younger model, and the campaign was successful too. 

She said in 2016; she was called back by the same brand, saying that now women don’t dream of becoming young forever; instead, they dream of becoming powerful and building a family and career. 

She said the advertisement has changed, and people's perspectives on the fashion business have progressed. 

She said the brand's CEO was a woman herself and made a big difference in the advertisement sector. 

She was hired as a global brand ambassador for the company at 63 again. 

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