Joni Richards

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Joni Richards

Joni Richards was a beloved mother of American actress, former model, and television personality Denise Richards.

About Family

She was a Roman Catholic. She used to own a coffee shop. She was married to a man named Irv Richards

He was a telephone engineer. His real surname was Reichert

Joni Richards with her husband Irv Richards
Joni Richards with her husband Irv Richards  Source: Instagram

They were blessed with two daughters together. 

Their names are Denise Richards and Michelle Richards. There were four members in their family.

Joni Richards husband Irv Richards with their daughters Denise Richards and Michelle Richards 
Joni Richards's husband Irv Richards with their daughters Denise Richards and Michelle Richards  Source: Instagram

They often used to move from one place to another. They lived in many cities. 

They used to live in Downers Groove. Later they moved to Mokena, Illinois. Shortly after that, they decided to live in Oceanside, California. They loved the place very much and decided to live there permanently. 

Their daughters Michelle and Denise are in the entertainment industry. 

Michelle has appeared in the movie called Numb, and Denise has appeared in multiple films and has done various runway shows and modeling. 

She has been able to grab worldwide attention through her beauty. She is the most famous daughter of Joni

An old picture of Joni with her husband and two daughters
An old picture of Joni with her husband and two daughters  Source: Pinterest 

Daughter’s fame and career

Denise Richards was born with natural beauty. She was voted the most beautiful girl in her high school yearbook. 

She graduated from El Camino High School.  She started her modeling career right after her high school graduation. 

She started getting opportunities to work for famous brands. She also began traveling to various countries like Paris, Tokyo, and New York for commercials shoots. 

She also started appearing in several movies and television shows.

She was most recognized for films like Starship troopers, Wild Things, The World is Not Enough, Undercover Brother, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Love Actually, Madea’s Witness Protection, Scary Movie 3, and Valentine

Joni Richards daughter Denise Richards and son-in-law Aaron Phypers
Joni Richards's daughter Denise Richards and son-in-law Aaron Phypers  Source: Instagram

She came to prominence from television shows like The Ben Stiller Show, Two and a Half Man, Saved By The Bell, Friends, The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, Jane the Virgin, The Bold and The Beautiful, The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders, Life Goes On, and many more. 

She was one of the most popular personalities during the 90s.

Joni Richards with her daughter Denise Richards and granddaughters
Joni Richards with her daughter Denise Richards and granddaughters  Source: Instagram

Death of Joni Richards

Joni was suffering from an incurable disease. She battled kidney cancer for a long time and died of cancer in December 2007

At the time of her death, her age was 54. Her daughters and husband were present in the hospital room while she took her last breath. 

Her long-time best friend also died of cancer. Joni’s daughter Denise shared that they both are smiling up from heaven and are happy together on her Instagram. 

She also said that she misses her mother every day and feels her warm presence in her life. 

Joni Richards with her best friend
Joni Richards with her best friend  Source: Instagram

Challenging Relationship with Daughter 

Denise Richards gave an interview on SiriusXM, where she talked about her relationship with her daughter. 

Denise has always been controversial about her relationship with her ex-husband Charlie

As her daughter is growing up, she and her elder daughter have a problem. Her daughter Sami is about 18 years old, and her daughter doesn't live with her. 

Denise has immense love for her daughter, and she has lived with her for a very long time. 

But her daughter has now moved on with her father. Denise said that raising a teenage girl is difficult, and as they live in Los Angeles, she said that it's not a great place for teenagers because they have everything they need. 

She doesn't want her teenage daughter to live with her because of the social media and internet access they are getting. 

When she was a teenager, she had no post mates and uber, but now in LA, teenagers are getting to do whatever they want.

She opened up that she has rules and limitations applied to her daughters, too, and she wants them to follow. 

The interviewer asked Denise if she was a strict mom or not. Denise replied, saying that she is not a strict mom, but the rules she has made should be followed. 

Her daughter Sami and Denise is having a very strained relationship, and she said it's very challenging, but she believes that everything between them gets better eventually.

Denise then talked about her dad. She said that her daughters have great bonding with her father. 

He came to live with Denise for two weeks after her mom passed away, but he lived for five years. 

She is grateful for the years that she and her daughter got to live with her dad. Denise's dad became a great man figure in her daughter's life as, at that time, her daughter's father was not with them.

Net Worth

The net worth of Joni Richards was never revealed because she was a normal citizen like everybody else. 

She worked as the coffee shop owner, and the average earnings of the coffee shop owner are $60,000 to $150,000 depending on how big and popular the coffee shop is.  

A small coffee shop can earn about sixty thousand dollars per year. 

The net worth of her daughter is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$12 millionActress, fashion, and commercial model

Age, height, weight

  1. She was born on July 20th, 1953, in the USA.
  2. She passed away due to kidney cancer.
  3. Her birth name was Joni Lee.
  4. She was of French by nationality.
  5. Her religion was Christianity.
  6. Her height, weight, and education were never revealed.

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