Who Is Jordan Atkins? Son Of Ja Rule

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Who Is Jordan Atkins? Son Of Ja Rule

Jordan Atkins is Ja Rule's son, an American Rapper. Jordan's mother is Aisha Atkins. He has two siblings, Jeffrey Atkins Jr. and Britney.

Parents of Jordan Atkins.
Parents of Jordan Atkins. Source: Instagram

Supportive Dad

Jordan's dad, Ja, opens up about being a dad and wanting to help his children succeed. He has three kids with his wife, Aisha Atkins.

He describes himself as a supportive Bulldozer parent who wants to remove obstacles and make their journey easier. 

He stresses the importance of being hands-on and providing value even if it's not always popular. 

Jordan Atkins and his siblings.
Jordan Atkins and his siblings. Source: Instagram

Ja shared lessons from his life’s ups and downs and discussed plans, including collaborations in the music industry and expanding his business ventures. 

He talked about teaming up with Classic Albums and planning events with artists. 

Ja highlights the importance of recreating the style of classic albums and bringing back their vibe. 

Proud of his Harvard Business School degree, he discusses the challenges of building a startup, raising funds, and considering options like going public. 

Ja also mentioned participating in the Mother’s Day Good Music Festival at Madison Square Garden, where he encourages attendance. 

He shared excitement about performing love songs.  

Ja’s Musical Hiatus And Resurgence

In the early 2000s, Ja was a big name in rap, collaborating with R&B stars like Christina Milian and Jennifer Lopez. 

He had multiple chart-topping hits. However, in 2005, he took a break at the peak of his success. 

Instead of focusing on music, he pursued acting, launched a whiskey brand, and even studied entrepreneurship at Harvard. 

Recently, he founded ICONN Media and its app ICONN Live, where he hosts events like the VIBES Concert Series featuring artists performing their classic albums with live bands. 

Ja and others shared stories behind the music in this series. 

It marks his return to music after a long hiatus.


Jordan was born in 2005. He will be 15 years old in 2024.

Net worth 

As an American rapper, Jordan's father Ja's net worth is about $4 million.

Ja Rule Shared About His Fitness

In a recent interview with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlemagne Tha God on The Breakfast Club, Ja Rule spoke about his weekend activities and good health. 

He shared insights into his skincare routine, mentioning Dr Sandy and Dr. Natasha's products. 

Ja also delved into the impact of his music and Murder Inc., his record label, on hip hop.

He revealed an upcoming documentary about his life and career, hoping to spark renewed interest in his music and Murder Inc. record label on hip hop. 

He revealed an upcoming documentary about his life and career, hoping it would spark renewed interest in his music. 

The rapper discussed the challenges of running a hip-hop label and the lessons he’s learned. 

Valuing creativity and hard work, Ja expressed the importance of these qualities in the industry. 

He touched on the timeless quality of his music, aiming for relevance to current audiences. 

Ja mentioned the influence of his music on other artists and the cultural impact that contributes to his legacy.

The conversation shifted to the evolution of hip-hop, with Ja discussing the trend of blending genres. 

He shared his experience as a parent struggling to understand his son’s music, labeled as hyperpop. 

Despite differences in musical taste, Ja expressed pride in his son’s success and acknowledged his son’s independence in managing his career in the music industry. 

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