Who Is Joseph Barrino? Father Of Fantasia Barrino

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Who Is Joseph Barrino? Father Of Fantasia Barrino

Joseph Barrino is the father of American singer and actress Fantasia Barrino. He’s married to Diane Barrino and has four children with him. 

He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Joseph Barrino's wife and their daughter.
Joseph Barrino's wife and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

Joseph Sued His Own Daughter

In 2006, Joseph filed a case against his daughter, Fantasia. 

He accused his daughter of writing bad things about him that were utterly untrue in her memoir. 

His daughter Fantasia released her memoir Life is Not a Fairytale in 2005, opening up about every page of her life. 

Fantasia wrote that her dad asked her for money every time she met him and was an antagonist in the music industry. 

Joseph claimed that everything written about him in the memoir was untrue and sued Fantasia for $10 Million

Joseph Barrino with his daughter, Fantasia Barrino.
Joseph Barrino with his daughter, Fantasia Barrino. Source: Facebook

About Joseph’s Daughter Fantasia 

Fantasia is a professional singer and actress. She is well known for winning the third season of American Idol

She has released many of her songs throughout her career and has appeared in many TV shows. 

She was born in 1984 and has her birthday on June 30. She grew up with her three siblings. 

Married Life Of Fantasia 

Fantasia is currently the wife of her husband, Kendall Taylor

The couple tied the knot in 2015, just three weeks after they started going out. 

They share a daughter named Keziah London

Fantasia Barrino with her husband.
Fantasia Barrino with her husband. Source: Instagram

Before marriage to Kendall, Fantasia had also en involved in other relationships t

She shares her eldest son, Zion Quari Barrino, with her former partner, Brandel Shouse.

They dated when Fantasia was a teenager and gave birth to Zion when she was only 17

She also dated Antwaun Cook in 2010 and shares a son named Dallas Xavier

Their relationship was short-lived, so they ended up breaking up. 

Age And Net Worth 

His daughter, Fantasia, is 39 years old. Her source of income is singing and acting, and her net worth is $1 Million.

Fantasia Was Assaulted

Fantasia shared her assault story in her memoir Life is Not a Fairytale in 2005

She revealed that when she was in school, one of the boys assaulted her in the auditorium. 

She was deeply affected by the act of the boy, and as a ninth-grade girl, she changed completely after that assault. 

She told about what happened to her, and with her mom’s help, she complained about the boy to the authorities and got him punished. 

However, Fantasia felt that the punishment given to the boy was not enough after what he did to her. 

After the boy was punished, she thought she wouldn’t have any problems in school. 

But it turned out quite the opposite of what she thought. 

She started getting bullied by the boy's friend, who joked around her, saying that they would do the same thing to her again, and that made her leave the school. 

Fantasia Had No Hope Of Getting Pregnant

Fantasia and her husband welcomed their first child together in 2021

They already have grown-up kids from their previous relationship and are happy living with their children and grandchildren. 

However, Fantasia’s mom suggested they have their kids. 

Fantasia and Kendall tried for three years to get pregnant, but because of some fertility issue, they weren’t being able to conceive. 

After so many tries, Fantasia stopped hoping to get pregnant and kept her faith in god. 

She and her husband left everything to god and thought that they would get pregnant when they had to, and unexpectedly, they did have what they wished for. 

She got pregnant and was so grateful for that. 

Fantasia Was Beaten Badly

Fantasia had a tough time and has been through lots of struggles. 

She was assaulted, which made her drop out of school. 

She also moved out of her house when she was too young and got involved with the wrong people. 

She got pregnant when she was just 17 and was judged by many people. 

She had no one except her partner, Brandal, her baby’s father. 

She thought of getting support from him, but instead of love and care, she got abused by him. 

She was the victim of domestic violence. Brandel used to beat him badly. 

According to Fantasia, she was punched and choked by him. 

She was in the wrong place and could barely recognize her face in the mirror.

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