Who Is Joseph Coleman? Husband Of Janet McTeer

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Who Is Joseph Coleman? Husband Of Janet McTeer

Joseph Coleman is the husband of English actress Janet McTeer

He is professionally a poet and fashion consultant. Joseph and his wife live together in Maine. 

They don’t have any kids together. Joseph is an English citizen by his nationality.

Joseph Coleman's wife Janet McTeer
Joseph Coleman's wife Janet McTeer. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Janet is married to American poet Joseph Coleman. Their wedding took place on 27 August 2010

They married each other nearly after a year of dating. Joseph was the one who liked Janet first. 

He was mistakenly invited into Janet’s backstage when they met first. 

They then started knowing each other better afterward. Joseph’s home was near Janet’s manager’s house. 

But he never got a chance to meet Janet there. 

After their continued meet-up, they started dating and eventually got married. 

They don’t have any children together.

Joseph Coleman with his wife Janet McTeer
Joseph Coleman with his wife Janet McTeer Source: Instagram


His wife Janet is 60 years old. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Janet is $4 Million. Her main source of income is acting.

Janet Feels Every Woman Is Strong

Janet played a role of a strong woman character in the series Ozark

This kind of role is something that every actress wants to play. 

When asked if she was looking for these roles or if the role automatically came to her, she said it was both. 

She expressed that she didn’t know how to play a character that was not strong. 

She believes that each woman is strong, and she has not seen many women that are not strong. 

In addition, she expressed that women need to be strong in this world. 

She also said that some particular things do not define stronger. 

According to what she said, women are stronger in some ways, one way or another. No one is weak.

Janet Is Concerned About Young Actors

Janet was asked about her getting back to the stage show and dramas in the interview. 

She revealed that she would love to work on stage as she used to do. 

She is always excited about stage performances, and if she is called urgently, she wouldn’t think twice about reaching the stage. 

She expressed that she has done a lot of stage performances and movies. She can join them any time she likes. 

But she is not doing stage dramas because she wants young talent to come in front. 

She said that she wants young actors who are unemployed to get jobs. She wants those actors to start their careers. 

She also said in an interview that people should take young actors into a stage performance and make thousands of plays which will give them a job and a living. 

She doesn’t want those young actors to be unemployed.

Janet Has A Different Dream Role

Janet revealed in an interview that as an actress, her dream role always has changed. 

She also expressed that any actor’s dream role also changes frequently. 

She revealed that no one could have a constant dream role throughout their life. 

She is aged now; hence she has no interest in playing the young roles that she used to admire as a young actress.

Now she wants to tell her story as an older lady. She considers actors, including herself, as a storyteller who trades themselves. 

She said that she now wants to tell stories of her generation through her roles. 

In addition, her dream roles are to play different characters according to her age.

Torture Is Not Easy For Janet

Janet played the role of mom in Ozark, where she was shown to be tortured in the initial episode. 

When asked about her experience, she said that it was difficult to shoot that scene as it was very challenging. 

Torture was not something to be enjoyed, but she enjoyed shooting the scene for her. 

Although the role was difficult for her, she handled it well. 

According to her, challenging roles are fun to play even though they are difficult.

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