Who Is Joseph Considine? Son Of Paddy Considine

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Who Is Joseph Considine? Son Of Paddy Considine

Joseph Considine is the son of English actor, screenwriter, and director, Paddy Considine

Her mother’s name is Shelley Insley. He has two siblings. Joseph belongs of Irish descent.

He is an English citizen.

Parents Married Life

Paddy is married to his wife, Shelley Insley. The couple has been together since they were teens. 

They started dating when Paddy was only 18 years old. They are parents to three children, but only one child has been revealed. 

When it comes to marriage life, Paddy has been very private. It’s not known when and how they two got married.

Parents of Joseph Considine.
Parents of Joseph Considine. Source: Pinterest


His father Paddy is 48 years old. His height is 1.8 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Paddy is $4 Million. His source of income is actor, director, and screenwriter.

Paddy Doesn’t Like To Be Social

Paddy has opened up about his suffering from Asperger’s syndrome and talked about his struggles. 

When Paddy was 36 years old, he found himself with Asperger Syndrome, and because of that, he had difficulty communicating with people. 

He said that the syndrome made him anxious. Because of that syndrome, he was also at the phase where he just wanted to be alone. 

He didn’t like being social and just avoided parties and stayed home with his family and children. 

His dad had that syndrome, too, but his dad didn’t have any difficulties communicating. But Paddy felt it hard to speak when he suffered from that syndrome.

Paddy Was A Lousy Actor

Paddy is now well-known in the entertainment industry for his acting skills. 

But acting was not what he always did perfectly. He said that he had struggled a lot to be a good actor. 

He had imperfections, and when he entered the acting field, he knew nothing about that and asked one of the men to teach him how to act.

During his acting performance, people always thought of him as angry because of his facial expressions, but he was not angry it was just that he was sick and nothing else. 

He had to learn many things; it took years for him to be perfect. 

He opened up about his struggles, which is the reason behind where he is now.

Paddy Is A Big Fan Of Boxing

Paddy has always been interested in boxing, and his favorite boxer is Tommy Hearns

He said that he absolutely loved Tommy, but most people in his time loved Hagler, the boxer. 

99% of people loved him, but in the case of Paddy, he loved Tommy because of his vulnerability.

He said modern boxing is now very shameful as they’ve seen Hagler, Hearns, Suger ray, and Duran fighting with each other. 

They didn’t wait as the modern generation does. 

He also liked Tyson Fury and got to meet him on the set of his new movie. 

Tyson was there for his work, and Paddy was for his shooting. 

He said he went to see Tyson between the breaks of his shot.

Paddy Got Difficulty Seeing Lights

Paddy was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome when he was in his late 30s

He had difficulty concentrating and coming to light because of his syndrome. 

His brain was acting weird, and he was having difficulty fitting into the normal environment. 

He remembered going to the supermarket and getting overwhelmed. 

He had no idea why he felt that, but he was overwhelmed with the information. 

He also said he went to the beach to meet Helen and got filter glasses for his Irlen disorder. 

It was a long and challenging journey, but he could make it, and slowly he got to his pace.

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