Who Is Joseph Lawrence Sr.? Father Of Matthew Lawrence

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Who Is Joseph Lawrence Sr.? Father Of Matthew Lawrence

Joseph Lawrence Sr. is the father of actor, podcaster, and musician Matthew Lawrence. He is married to Donna Lawrence

They are parents to their three kids, Matthew, Joey Lawrence, and Andrew Lawrence. He worked as an insurance broker

Joseph Lawrence Sr.'s wife and their son.
Joseph Lawrence Sr.'s wife and their son. Source: Instagram

Is Matthew Married?

Matthew is not married yet. He was married to Cheryl Burke. His ex-partner is a professional dancer. 

They started seeing each other in 2007 but broke up a year later. The two reconnected in 2017 and got engaged in 2018

They got married in 2019 and parted their ways in 2022. They do not have kids together.

Who Is Matthew's Girlfriend?

After his divorce, Matthew is in a relationship with Rozonda Thomas. His girlfriend is a singer. 

They started dating each other in November 2022. They were seen together in Hawaii, but the reports said they were just friends at that time. 

They made their relationship public on New Year's Eve

Matthew Lawrence with his partner.
Matthew Lawrence with his partner. Source: People


His son Matthew is 43 years old

Net Worth

His son Matthew's net worth is estimated to be $3 million

Children of Joseph Lawrence Sr.
Children of Joseph Lawrence Sr. Source: Instagram

Matthew Share A Disturbing Experience With A Director

In his podcast, Matthew talked about the #MeToo movement and said they all are aware of the casting couch. 

He added people do not talk enough about it as a two-way street. 

He shared so many male actors have discussed this topic openly and men have also gone through a lot. 

He said he had lost his agency and significant role just because of the casting couch experience he faced. 

He shared that his agency sent him to a hotel room of a well-known Oscar-winning director. 

He said the director came in a robe and asked him to take off his clothes so that he could take pictures of him. 

If he did that, he would have get a massive role in a Marvel movie, but he didn’t, and his agency fired him because he left the hotel room without doing what the director asked him to do. 

He said both men and women in the industry have been through such experiences. 

Still, because of the double standards nature of society, people do not support male actors as much as they help women and are less ready to hear from males about their experience in the industry.

Matthew Talked About His Childhood Fame

Matthew starred in the Disney Channel sitcom Boy Meets World in his early teens and became famous for the show at a young age. 

He shared that he learned about the things in his 20s that he should have learned in his teens. 

In his podcast, he shared that he succeeded so early that when he was in his 20s, he questioned why he was not as successful as before. 

He said his family was very supportive, so his family helped him to stay grounded amid his stardom. 

He added it was not easy to deal with the stardom at a young age. He shared there were times when things were not easy for him. 

He added things were not the same as they looked. 

He said he was in the industry where people were expected to deal with the things no matter what happened on and off camera. 

Matthew Wash His Glass Multiple Times

Matthew wash his glass many times a day in the sink. He said he had only a pair of glass, which were pink tinted, because he passed them a lot. 

He uses bar soap to wash his glass. He added his eye specialist lied to him about the tint. 

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