Who Is Joseph Tarallo? Ex-Boyfriend Of Angelina Pivarnick

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Who Is Joseph Tarallo? Ex-Boyfriend Of Angelina Pivarnick

Joseph Tarallo is the ex-boyfriend of American TV personality Angelina Pivarnick. 

He is an American citizen. He was born and raised in New Jersey. 

He gained the spotlight after he was found to be in a relationship with Angelina, who was already married.

Joseph Tarallo's ex-girlfriend Angelina Pivarnick
Joseph Tarallo's ex-girlfriend Angelina Pivarnick Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Angelina

Angelina was married to Chris Larangeira.

They got married in 2019. Their marriage lasted for just a couple of years.

Joseph Tarallo's ex-girlfriend Angelina Pivarnick with her ex-husband Chris Larangeira
Joseph Tarallo's ex-girlfriend Angelina Pivarnick with her ex-husband Chris Larangeira Source: Instagram

Angelina Had An Extramarital Affair

Back then, when Angelina was still the wife of Chris, she was dating Joseph too. 

They met in 2020 and shortly started hanging out and spent a lot of time together. 

They were in a relationship with each other even though Angelina was married. 

After finding that, Chris reacted very badly but shortly after, Chris gave her a second chance.

But she still was dating Joseph. Hence Chris decided to end the relationship with the ex-partner, and they got divorced.


Angelina is currently 33 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Angelina is $4 Million. Her main source of income comes as being a tv personality.

Angelina Shit On Her Pants

Angelina was in Miami back in the days. 

She was there for a certain time, and she had last night to spend there. 

Hence her friends went to celebrate her last day in the town. When they were in cab, they started talking about farts and stuff. 

But Angelina said in front of everyone that she shit her pants.

Her friends believed her, but later she revealed that it was all a lie.

Angelina Is Kim Kardashian Of Staten Island

Angelina revealed how she got to the reality show The Jersey Shore in an interview. 

She said that she was approached by an woman while having a night out with her girlfriends. 

The woman asked her to interview for the reality show, but Angelina refused. 

But due to the force of her friends, she agreed to give an interview for the show. 

She then went in front of the producer and cameraman for an interview. She acted in her natural way. 

She has her own attitude, and her answers made the producer and cameraman laugh as well as impressed. 

She was also asked about what if someone crosses her. 

She said that no one on the island crosses her as she is the Kim Kardashian of the Island.

Angelina Regretted About Her Decision

Angelina was part of the first season of Jersey Shore. But due to some reason, she didn’t come back in season 2. 

She was called by a casting producer as well for the second season but she refused. 

But in that season, the show went viral, and she hence regretted her decision. 

But she was going through a lot at that time. She was having a mental illness and many more. 

Hence she left the show.

Angelina Got Bruises

Angelina came live on Instagram after she got her nose job from her surgeon. 

People noticed that she had bruises on the bottom of her eyes. 

She revealed that her nose job was over, and her stitches were removed. 

But due to the nose job, she got bruises. 

She then revealed that she easily gets bruises out of anything, and this time it was her lying to the doctor. 

She drank alcohol before her surgery which she was not supposed to drink. 

In addition, she didn’t tell about it to the doctor. Hence after the nose job was done, she ended up with bruises. 

But the professional there said that it was going to go in about 6 months. 

The bruises will decrease every day, little by little.

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